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UK Milk Statistics

26 September 2013

Milk Prices and Composition of Milk – August 2013Milk Prices and Composition of Milk – August 2013

This release shows the latest information on average farm gate milk prices and the butterfat and protein content of UK produced milk.
UK Milk Statistics Reports

Key points

The key results for August 2013 are given below:

  • Recent increases in prices paid to milk producers by several dairies have resulted in a record high (at actual prices) UK average farm gate milk price of 32.0 pence per litre, 5.4 pence per litre higher than in August 2012.
  • The average butterfat content of UK milk was 3.9 per cent, slightly lower than a year earlier in August 2012 (4.0 per cent).
  • The average protein content of UK milk was 3.2 per cent, largely unchanged on a year earlier.

Section 1: United Kingdom farm gate milk price

Table 1 shows the monthly average farm gate milk prices for the last 13 months, along with historical annual averages (at actual prices). Monthly comparisons between years can be seen in Figure 1.


September 2013

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