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11 December 2012

Irish CSO: Output, Input and Income in Agriculture December 2012Irish CSO: Output, Input and Income in Agriculture December 2012


Selected Income Indicators

Agricultural operating surplus estimated to decrease by 10.4% in 2012

The CSO’s first estimate of operating surplus in agriculture in 2012 shows an annual decrease of 10.4%. This follows a 30.5% increase in 2011. The estimate for 2012 is based on the data currently available for the year.

Comparing 2012 with 2011 shows the following changes in estimated value:

  • Goods output at producer prices increased by 3.6% or €226.9m
  • Milk output decreased by 13.0% or €238.0m
  • Cattle output increased by 15.8 % or €282.8m
  • Pigs output increased by 9.8% or €38.5m
  • Cereals output decreased by 4.9% or €14.2m
  • Total intermediate consumption increased by 6.9% or €335.7m
  • Feedingstuffs increased by 15.1% or €177.9m

The value of subsidies less taxes on production decreased from €1,825m in 2011 to an estimated €1,661m for 2012. Note this figure includes subsidies already paid and those scheduled to be paid by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine by year end.

The figures for 2012 are an advance estimate which is provisional and is based on the latest available data. They are subject to revision once the complete set of data for the full year becomes available. The Final Estimate of Output, Input and Income in Agriculture for 2012 will be available in June 2013.

Output, Input and Income in Agriculture 2012 – Advance Estimate

December 2012

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