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01 June 2018
View news from Zambia FMD Detected in Chinsali District of Muchinga Province
ZAMBIA - Muchinga Provincial Veterinary Officer, Dr Wilson Katumbi, disclosed to the National Agricultural Information Services (NAIS) that tissue samples from 99 cattle had tested positive for the Foot and Mouth Viral disease....
02 January 2018
View news from Zambia Zambia National Service Commended for Increasing Heads of Cattle
ZAMBIA - Zambia National Service (ZNS) Chief of Training and Operations Josphat Jere has commended the Zambia National Service Luamfumu Unit in Mansa for the continued increase in the number of Cattle at the unit....
08 December 2017
View news from Zambia Mysterious Cattle Disease Breaks Out in Chikankata
ZAMBIA - A mysterious cattle disease has broken out in Chikankata district in the Southern province and has since claimed seven heads of cattle....
17 February 2017
View news from Zambia New Livestock, Poultry Charges to Wait, Says Govt
ZAMBIA - The Government has said that it will engage stakeholders before implementing the new charges for poultry and livestock sectors....
31 January 2017
View news from Zambia Zambian Farmer Appeals to Govt to Protect Dairy Industry
ZAMBIA - A commercial farmer in Mazabuka has appealed to Government to protect the dairy industry in the country by restricting the importation of milk and other products which have flooded the local market....
11 August 2016
View news from Zambia Adding Meat, Milk to Diet Dramatically Improves Nutrition for Poor Zambians
ZAMBIA - Since 1961 in Zambia there has been a notable decline in the availability of milk, meat, eggs, and beans, and an increase in cassava and vegetable oils....
19 February 2016
View news from Zambia Livestock Donations in Zambia Yield Better Income, Diets
US - Some humanitarian organisations facilitate livestock donations to poor households in developing countries, but does giving a cow, a pair of oxen, or a herd of goats to a poor household really benefit the recipients? A recent University of Illinois...
04 December 2015
View news from Zambia China to Help Zambia Set Up Livestock Vaccine Laboratory
ZAMBIA - Plans to establish Zambia's first-ever livestock vaccine production laboratory with the help of the Chinese government have reached an advanced stage, a senior official said on Tuesday....
20 October 2015
View news from Zambia Zambian Dairy Farmers Disappointed with Milk Taxation
ZAMBIA - The Dairy Farmers of Zambia organisation has announced it is disappointed with the VAT rate included on milk products in the Zambian government's 2016 budget....
09 July 2013
View news from Zambia NFU Members Bring Knowledge, Experience to Zambia
ZAMBIA - National Farmers Union (NFU) representatives are currently in Chipata Eastern Province, Zambia to participate in the National Cooperative Business Association's – Cooperative League USA (NCBA-CLUSA) Farmer-to-Farmer Program. ...
29 April 2013
View news from Zambia OIE: Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia Outbreak in Zambia
ZAMBIA - An outbreak of Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia has been reported in cattle in Zambia....
26 April 2013
View news from Zambia Livestock Farmers Receive Assistance from African Development Bank
ZAMBIA - The African Development Fund (ADF) is to give Zambia an advance loan for the livestock infrastructure support project (LISP) to improve household income of livestock farmers....
06 March 2012
View news from Zambia Zambia Reports FMD Outbreak
ZAMBIA - The Zambian veterinary authorities have reported an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Northern Mwamba Kaka....
22 December 2010
View news from Zambia EC Supplies FMD Vaccine To Zambia
ZAMBIA - The European Commission has sent a consignment of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) vaccine to Zambia in order to help the African nation's efforts in fighting an outbreak of the disease in the northern part of the country....
25 November 2010
View news from Zambia FMD Breaks Out in Zambia
ZAMBIA - The Zambian veterinary authorities have reported an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in cattle....
29 December 2009
View news from Zambia Cattle Disease Breaks Out In Magoye
ZAMBIA - A suspected cattle disease has broken out in Magoye Constituency in Mazabuka District in the Southern Province of Zambia. ...
01 September 2009
View news from Zambia Veterinary Dept to Vaccinate 20,000 Cattle in Mazabuka
ZAMBIA - The Veterinary Department in Mazabuka has embarked on the vaccination of 20,000 head of cattle against Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) to stop the spread of the disease to other parts of the district....
21 January 2008
View news from Zambia Irregular Energy Makes Hens and Cows Grumpy
ZAMBIA - The country's largest poultry producer has joined the clarion call for Eskom to give adequate warning about planned power cuts, while dairy farmers have warned that there could be a new milk shortage....
27 November 2007
View news from Zambia Zambia Going the Udder Way
ZAMBIA - The role of dairy farmers is to ensure that good agricultural, hygienic and animal husbandry practices are employed at the farm level with the focus on preventing a problem, such as animal diseases rather than solving it after it has occurred,...
12 October 2006
View news from Zambia Sick cattle to be slaughtered
ZAMBIA - The Ministry of Agriculture is to slaughter All cattle infected with the Contagious Bovin Pleural Pneumonia (CBPP) in Kazungula district. ...

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