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25 November 2021
View news from Germany German coalition deal seeks animal welfare improvement
A compulsory animal welfare label will be introduced for meat from 2022...
12 November 2021
View news from Germany Research: younger generation in Germany eat climate-consciously
Climate change is now attracting enormous media attention and, in particular, how it affects the future of young people. ...
15 October 2021
View news from Germany Germany reports atypical BSE case in a cow
The Paris-based World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has confirmed a case of atypical BSE on 14 October in Germany....
05 August 2021
View news from Germany Germany's largest meat processor Toennies says not for sale
Germany's largest meat processor Toennies is not for sale and its ownership structure will remain unchanged, its family owners said on Wednesday....
10 February 2021
View news from Germany German Agriculture Minister champions the opportunities available in the livestock industry
German Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Julia Klöckner and German Agricultural Society (DLG) President Hubertus Paetow highlight the advances of the German agricultural industry in address at EuroTier Digital 2021....
09 October 2020
View news from Germany German minister calls for meatpackers to work longer hours after latest COVID-19 outbreak
Germany’s agriculture minister has called for state governments to allow slaughterhouses and meat packing plants to work longer hours to address a backlog of animals that built up on farms during the first wave of the coronavirus....
08 October 2020
View news from Germany New COVID-19 outbreak in Germany shutters meatpacking plant
A German slaughterhouse contending with a coronavirus outbreak has been ordered to close by health authorities....
23 September 2020
View news from Germany German police crack down on undocumented workers in abattoirs
German police have searched more than 40 businesses and homes in five different states as part of an investigation into foreign workers being illegally brought into the country to work in the meat packing industry....
29 June 2020
View news from Germany Germany aims to introduce animal welfare levy after abattoir scandal
Germany’s Agriculture Minister Julia Kloeckner is pushing for an animal welfare levy in a bid to clean up the meat trade....
21 May 2020
View news from Germany Germany vows to clean up abattoirs after COVID-19 outbreaks among workers
Germany has proposed banning the use of temporary subcontractors at meatpacking plants following a surge in coronavirus infections....
15 April 2020
View news from Germany Germany calls on EU to support dairy farmers
Germany’s agriculture ministry has called on the European Union to take action to support dairy farmers who face a steep fall in milk sales due to the ongoing pandemic....
13 February 2020
View news from Germany Pea Instead of Soy in Animal Feed
GERMANY - By far the largest proportion of soybeans grown worldwide is used for animal feed. This is particularly problematic because soybean cultivation inflicts massive environmental damage on supplier countries. ...
10 January 2020
View news from Germany Claw Disease Tyloma Primarily Genetic in Cows
GERMANY - Scientists at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) and Georg August University Göttingen have succeeded in proving that a claw disease in cows is primarily genetic. ...
23 December 2019
View news from Germany German Startup Raises €4M Seed Round to Make Dairy Cheese Without Milk
GERMANY - Berlin-based startup Legendairy Foods has raised €4M to develop cheese and other dairy products that have the same composition as milk but are not derived from animals....
12 June 2019
View news from Germany More Research Required on New Pathogens in Beef, Cow's Milk Products
GERMANY - According to the DKFZ, research has been carried out on cow's milk, cow's milk products and the blood serum of healthy cattle....
15 May 2019
View news from Germany Producing Food Whilst Preserving Biodiversity
GERMANY - In nature conservation and agriculture, there are two opposing views of how to combine high biodiversity and sustainable food production: nature conservation should either be integrated into agricultural land, or segregated into protected areas...
09 April 2019
View news from Germany New Pathways for Sustainable Agriculture
GERMANY - Hedges, flowering strips and other semi-natural habitats provide food and nesting places for insects and birds in agricultural landscapes. This also has advantages for agriculture: bees, flies, beetles and other animal groups pollinate crops...
17 December 2018
View news from Germany FrieslandCampina, DMK Group Sign Manufacturing Agreement
GERMANY - Royal FrieslandCampina NV and DMK Group signed a contract manufacturing agreement for the production of mozzarella cheese. The agreement will come into effect in 2019....
28 November 2018
View news from Germany Zoetis presents SmartBow cow monitoring system at EuroTier in Hanover
Zoetis teams presented the new dairy cow monitoring system, Smartbow at the 13th EuroTier event in Hanover, Germany....
22 October 2018
View news from Germany Bad Bramstedt: Third Vion Site to Produce Beef with Animal Welfare Label
GERMANY - The Vion plant in Bad Bramstedt located in Schleswig Holstein has been certified as the third cattle slaughterhouse according to the criteria of the German Animal Welfare Association....
24 September 2018
View news from Germany Arla Creates New Innovation with Simple Ingredients
GERMANY - As the consumer demand for healthy, natural products increases, Arla Foods has created a new innovation in fruit yogurts which has just hit the shelves in the German market. ...
04 April 2018
View news from Germany Arla Foods to Sell Sonthofen Dairy Site to Allgäuer Hof-Milch
GERMANY - European dairy co-operative Arla Foods plans to sell its cheese production site in Sonthofen, Germany to German-based dairy company Allgäuer Hof-Milch GmbH. Both companies have signed a letter of intent and aim to finalize the transaction before...
20 December 2017
View news from Germany Arla Foods, DMK Group Sign Mozzarella Contract Manufacturing Agreement
GERMANY - Arla Foods and German dairy company DMK Group have signed a third-party manufacturing contract that will see DMK produce 35,000 tons of mozzarella cheese for Arla per year at its Nordhackstedt site in northern Germany....
18 September 2017
View news from Germany Contaminants in Food: Health Risks of Natural Origin Frequently Underestimated
GERMANY - The following are the findings of a representative study recently conducted by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) on the risk perception of contaminants in food....
12 July 2017
View news from Germany Contaminants in Food: Identifying, Assessing Risks as Early as Possible
GERMANY - Dioxins, mineral oils, perfluorinated substances - not only do people not obtain important nutrients with their food, they also ingest undesirable substances which can affect health when taken up in certain quantities....
16 May 2017
View news from Germany Study Analyses Foods for Radioactive Substances
GERMANY - "Even though radiation emitting radioactive elements like uranium are only contained in small quantities in food, their chemical properties and radioactivity could pose a risk if they are ingested over a longer period in higher concentrations,"...
24 April 2017
View news from Germany Production Costs in German Dairy Sector Covered by Farmgate Price
GERMANY - According to the latest cost study drawn up by the German Office for Agriculture and Agricultural Sociology (Büro für Agrarsoziologie & Landwirtschaft, BAL), in January 2017 the average price of 33.76 cents for a kilo of milk covered only...
10 March 2017
View news from Germany Organic Starches to Meet Growing Feed Industry Demand
GERMANY - The German organic industry is booming, with organic farming playing a key role in the food and agriculture industries. So much so that in 2017 the federal government is expected to invest €20 million to support and strengthen organic farming...
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