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20 October 2021
View news from Austria NUQO partners with Austrian university to develop algae-based livestock feed
Feed additive company NUQO has partnered with the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria to research the potential of metabolites from plants and seaweeds for the animal health and feed industry. ...
19 February 2019
View news from Austria Supporting Australia's flood-affected producers
AUSTRALIA - While the focus during the catastrophic flooding in north-west Queensland is naturally on the current emergency situation, MLA has started to consider the longer-term impacts on businesses, families and cattle supply....
22 March 2017
View news from Austria Biomin Announces Participation in €16m Project for Feed and Food Quality, Safety and Innovation (FFOQSI)
AUSTRIA - A total of 40 organizations, including 6 scientific and 34 company partners from 5 countries, are taking a farm-to-fork approach to addressing food safety and food security issues, in the form of the new K1 Center for Feed and Food Quality,...
22 November 2016
View news from Austria Further Decrease in Antibiotics Use Needed in Austrian Dairy Cows, Researchers Say
AUSTRIA - A new study looking at Austrian dairy cows showed they are much less frequently treated with antibiotics than poultry and pigs there, but improvements are still necessary....
04 November 2016
View news from Austria Compost Bedding Better for Cows' Foot Health, Researchers Find
AUSTRIA - A study conducted by researchers from Vetmeduni Vienna has shown that the use of wood shavings and sawdust in dairy barns instead of straw bedding is especially good for claw health....
09 September 2016
View news from Austria BIOMIN Sponsors Nutrition and Gut Health Summer Academy at Vetmeduni Vienna
AUSTRIA - Gut health is becoming increasingly important in farm animals, and throughout the first week of August, 19 young researchers and professionals working in the area of animal nutrition and animal gut health took part in the ‘Summer School in...
24 December 2015
View news from Austria Stroking Calves Increases Weight Gain, Study Shows
AUSTRIA - A recent study from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna found that stroking helps calves develop a better relationship with humans and increases weight gain....
25 November 2015
View news from Austria Online-Ordered Cheeses Can Contain Dangerous Bacteria
AUSTRIA - Online shopping saves time and provides an enormous product choice, but when buying cheeses, this may lead to a quality compromise, according to a new study from Vetmeduni Vienna....
04 October 2015
View news from Austria BIOMIN Inaugurates New Global Headquarters in Austria
AUSTRIA - BIOMIN has just opened its new global headquarters in Getzersdorf, Austria....
21 April 2015
View news from Austria Only Minor Role for Bacteria in Cattle Stomach Ulcers
AUSTRIA - Bacteria play only a minor role in the development of ulcers in the fourth stomach compartment of cattle, according to new research recording stomach microbial diversity....
06 March 2015
View news from Austria Dry Cow Feeding Can Beat Calf Diarrhoea
AUSTRIA – Diarrheal viruses can be minimised with sufficient nutrition of the dam prior to calving and optimal care in neonatal stages, Austrian farmers are hearing....
02 October 2014
View news from Austria Advisers Address Austrian Barn Overcrowding Problem
AUSTRIA – Theories that the issue of crowded barns can be sidestepped because cattle alternate in feeding and lying are wrong, advisers have told farmers in upper Austria....
25 August 2014
View news from Austria Summer Mastitis Risk Highlighted
AUSTRIA – Increased pressure from mastitis through summer months can be tackled with cow cooling equipment, Austrian dairy farmers are being advised....
21 May 2014
View news from Austria Milking Equipment Not Checked Enough, Farmers Warned
AUSTRIA – Properly maintained milking machines can safeguard udder health if certain checks are taken, Austrian farmers are being told....
10 April 2014
View news from Austria Austrians Link Dairy Robots with Higher Somatic Cell Counts
AUSTRIA – Converting to modern robotic milking systems is being accompanied by increases in somatic cell counts (SCC) on Austrian farms, says the Agricultural Chamber....
09 December 2013
View news from Austria Fleckvieh: Versatile Cattle For the Future
AUSTRIA - Sustainability and globalisation are two pressing issues besetting the dairy industry, which the Fleckvieh breed is well set to address, according to Austrian geneticists....
05 December 2013
View news from Austria Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Erber Group Campus
AUSTRIA - Biomin, as part of the Erber Group, began its move to a new campus location in Getzersdorf with a groundbreaking ceremony on 13 November 2013....
04 December 2013
View news from Austria Unique Jersey Breaks 100,000 Kilo Mark
AUSTRIA – A Jersey cow in Carinthia has produced over 100,000 kilos of milk in its lifetime, in a feat the agriculture chamber is hailing as ‘unique’....
06 November 2013
View news from Austria EU Authorisation for Mycofix Secure and Biomin BBSH 797
AUSTRIA - Biomin announces the authorisation of two Biomin products as 'substances for reduction of the contamination of feed by mycotoxins'....
27 September 2013
View news from Austria How Do We Save Milk Production in the Mountains?
AUSTRIA - European commissioners are assessing the practicalities of a production monitoring mechanism to safeguard against dairy volatility after quotas are terminated in 2015....
24 September 2013
View news from Austria Austrian Farmers Advised on Dry Cow Strategy
AUSTRIA – Monitoring cow health and performance through the dry period should be a top priority this autumn, the Land Chamber has said....
20 September 2013
View news from Austria Land Chamber Urges Farmers to Consider Robots Carefully
AUSTRIA – Farmers contemplating investing in milking ‘robots’ should be aware of the downside as well as positives, the agricultural chamber has advised....
05 August 2013
View news from Austria Austrian Drought Triggers Emergency Support
AUSTRIA – Farmers battling against a heatwave will receive disaster funding to alleviate the pressure of higher costs and mounting livestock and crop losses. ...
30 July 2013
View news from Austria Semen Exports Up 17 Per Cent
AUSTRIA – Semen exports increased by 17 per cent last year, which the national cattle breeders association has said is a good sign for a crucial part of the industry....
22 July 2013
View news from Austria New Study Addresses Trade-offs Between Food Security, Climate Change Mitigation
AUSTRIA - Improving crop yields using sustainable methods could cut greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 12 per cent per calorie produced according to a new study published in the journal "Environmental Research Letters". At the same time, these changes...
08 May 2013
View news from Austria Newcomers Impress in April
AUSTRIA – Breed progress has been boosted by the addition of some attractive young animals to the genomic breeding index, according to the April breeding value estimation....
09 April 2013
View news from Austria Cell Count Results Vital For Monitoring Udder Health
AUSTRIA – Farmers are being urged to monitor cell counts to determine the udder health....
07 December 2012
View news from Austria New Suckle Regimes Linked to Calf Health Improvement
AUSTRIA - A leaflet on 'mother linked calf rearing' states that a suckler cow can effectively feed a calf for short periods whilst also employed in a commercial production role. ...
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