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30 May 2022
Organic or GMO? Experts explain food lingo
Consumers are constantly faced with an overwhelming amount of industry diet terms and food lingo....
09 May 2022
Selecting dairy replacements based on heat stress
With heat stress increasingly becoming a part of life in places not historically hot, there is a need to determine which cows are best suited to deal with the warmer temperatures, said Daigle, Ph.D., an animal welfare specialist in the Texas A&M Department...
04 May 2022
Genetic finding could help beat fatal African cattle infection
A section of DNA found to protect native African cattle against East Coast fever could safeguard breeds introduced to the region....
19 April 2022
US ag groups push for modern regulatory structure for gene editing
Gene editing, they say, holds tremendous promise...
31 March 2022
Genetic testing for early diagnosis of bovine respiratory disease
A diagnostic test to identify BRD could be possible...
25 March 2022
Iowa swine sire fertility research has implications for cattle
The research could tackle infertility issues in cattle...
04 March 2022
Veterinary artificial insemination market growth and trends - research
AI to play a strong role in meeting increased demand ...
Artificial insemination market worth $7.4 billion by 2030 - research
Asia Pacific is anticipated to grow the fastest in the coming years...
28 February 2022
Blockyard: production, health and genomic info for individual cattle
Ken Anderson, Director of Technical Services with Beef Genetics, spoke to The Cattle Site's Sarah Mikesell about Blockyard at the recent NCBA conference in Houston. ...
23 February 2022
UK: Dairy-crossed beef calves continue to rise
Overall calf registrations were average...
22 February 2022
Pakistan emerges as major Australian dairy export market
Pakistan is the fourth largest dairy producing country in the world...
24 January 2022
Cattle genetics company joins GRSB championing sustainability in the beef industry
ABS Global, a world leading bovine genetics company, has joined forces with organizations such as WWF, Zoetis, and Cargill as part of a worldwide network of people and organizations powering progress in sustainable beef – the Global Roundtable for Sustainable...
18 January 2022
Russian scientists receive grant to improve cattle selection, breeding programs
The team at the Laboratory of Genetics and DNA Technologies at Kostroma Agricultural Academy will receive 600,000 rubles (US$7,875.00) in grant funds as state support for young Russian scientists....
02 December 2021
New Zealand: Higher production, fewer cows
Total milk volume, total milk solids per and per cow production highest on record...
19 November 2021
Horn fly resistance observed in organic Holstein cattle
Penn State University studies genetic parameters associated with horn fly resistance in organic Holstein cattle...
17 November 2021
Genetic contact tracing could help curb TB outbreaks
Routine analysis of bacteria in cattle and badgers could help manage early spread of costly disease, research shows. ...
20 October 2021
Cattle research project helps slash costs and farming emissions
Results from a UK research project shows that the beef industry's annual feed bills can be reduced by as much as £12.5 million over 20 years thanks to improved genetic selection that targets feed efficiency. ...
06 October 2021
Epigentics: precise thinking
Nessa Carey of Synomics considers how epigenetics and the greater understanding of data can be used to support breeders and producers in ‘precision farming’....
16 September 2021
Dairy Australia: You ask - we answer on heifer genomics
Have questions on heifer genomics? Want to hear what fellow farmers who are already using the technology have to say? Now you can, through a Dairy Australia podcast special event....
08 September 2021
USDA seeks consumer input on labeling of cell-cultured meat and poultry
The USDA and FSIS are seeking public comments and information on how meat and poultry derived from cell culture should be labelled....
04 September 2021
Genome to phenome livestock research gets funding boost
The Agricultural Genome to Phenome Initiative has awarded seven grants to institutions across the United States for multidisciplinary projects that help advance crop and livestock genetics research....
12 August 2021
Breeding dairy cows to help reach net zero
Two new genetic indexes to help farmers breed more environmentally friendly cows will be launched in August by AHDB Dairy....
06 August 2021
Using genomics to future proof your herd
Genomic testing and an effective, tailored approach to breeding has lifted Hillhead of Covington's herd’s genetic merit into the top 15% across the UK, writes ADHB....
03 August 2021
New study identifies genomic pathway to healthier, more productive dairy cattle
A study by Synomics, the biological insights business, has identified a pathway for improving the accuracy with which key economic production, health and fertility traits can be predicted in dairy cattle by using a completely new approach to analyzing...
27 July 2021
Researchers discovered that Bluetongue virus can hijack the cellular machinery of its host
Researchers at INRA, ANSES, and ENVA have discovered that bluetongue virus can enhance its replication by exploiting one of its host's cellular pathways. ...
14 July 2021
Cattle immune cells could help treat disease
Study defines cells in cattle, in a development that could help tackle infection in cows and people....
28 June 2021
Could super-charged cattle embryos solve world food challenges?
URBANA, Ill. – What if, in the next five to 10 years, we could double or triple milk and meat availability in developing countries without converting more land to cattle production? Millions of hunger-related deaths and nutritional deficiencies could...
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