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26 September 2022
Research Tracking Cattle Disease Turns Up Invasive Ticks in Arkansas, USA
Asian longhorned tick found in survey of livestock...
20 September 2022
Time is money: rapid diagnostic testing for bovine respiratory disease
A multidisciplinary research team is working to develop rapid genomic testing methods that will change the way feedlots make decisions about antimicrobial use and ultimately improve antimicrobial stewardship....
19 September 2022
Diagnostics and vaccination channels significantly improved in Uganda
Zoetis CSO speaks about his first hand experiences in Uganda since the launch of their A.L.P.H.A Initiative....
15 September 2022
Zoetis trains over 26,000 vets, paraprofessionals and farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa
How has Zoetis' A.L.P.H.A. Initiative met it's objectives?...
Aspirin after calving could improve udder health - research
Post-calving, cows treated with aspirin had lower SCC...
13 September 2022
08 September 2022
South Africa lifts nationwide cattle movement ban
The 21-day ban was imposed to limit the spread of FMD...
30 August 2022
Namibia suspends livestock imports from Botswana
The suspension follows an FMD scare...
29 August 2022
Canadian ministry warns cattle producers to watch for anthrax
Anthrax confirmed in ruminant species in Saskatchewan...
25 August 2022
Weekly global protein digest: Chicken Big Mac, price of beef falling in US
Analyst Jim Wyckoff shares an update on the US futures market, USDA reports and global protein news...
Botswana suspends beef exports over suspected FMD outbreak
Botswana is one of the biggest beef exporters to the EU...
19 August 2022
Weekly global protein digest: US schools and milk, consumer inflation
Analyst Jim Wyckoff shares an update on the US futures market, USDA reports and global protein news...
17 August 2022
Lumpy skin disease spreads to northern states of India
Over 62,000 cases have been reported so far...
16 August 2022
S.Africa suspends cattle movement to control FMD
Movement for slaughter still permitted...
No issues with meat exports to China, say Australia, New Zealand
Chinese media falsely claim imports are restricted due to FMD...
12 August 2022
Indonesia includes Bali as priority zone for foot and mouth vaccination
About 116,000 animals have been vaccinated in Bali...
09 August 2022
How would a FMD outbreak affect Australia?
Two UNE academics unpack what a Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak would mean for animal and human welfare, the environment, and the economy. ...
03 August 2022
Science-based protocols, vigilance keep ASF, FMD, LSD out of Australia
An Australian industry task force confirms African swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease and lumpy skin disease are not present in the country. Neighboring country Indonesia announced a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak recently that has spread to 37 provinces,...
02 August 2022
Indonesia aims to control foot and mouth disease by end of year
The country is vaccinating millions of livestock...
30 July 2022
Vaccination should do no harm
Every marathon starts with running the first mile. ...
21 July 2022
11 July 2022
How much is mastitis costing your dairy farm?
Clinical and subclinical mastitis costs dairy operations billions every year. ...
08 July 2022
Weekly global protein digest: HPAI in Scotland, China pork higher, US dairy report
Analyst Jim Wyckoff shares an update on USDA reports and global protein news. ...
06 July 2022
New insights into how FMD virus interacts with the immune system discovered at Pirbright
Research at the Pirbright Institute reveals that foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) interacts with immune cells in tissues called lymphoid tissues, which are an essential part of the immune system....
27 June 2022
24 June 2022
UPDATED: UK Chief Vet Officer negates suspicion of FMD in UK
On Friday British officials reported suspicion of foot-and-mouth disease in pigs the the UK, but they have now ruled out FMD and suspect swine vesicular disease. ...
23 June 2022
Indonesia foot and mouth disease outbreak worsens
Authorities buy 29 mln vaccine doses...
17 June 2022
Weekly global protein digest: China’s meat imports sluggish, New Zealand to tax sheep, cow burps
Analyst Jim Wyckoff shares an update on the US futures market, USDA reports and global cattle news ...
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