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19 September 2022
Diagnostics and vaccination channels significantly improved in Uganda
Zoetis CSO speaks about his first hand experiences in Uganda since the launch of their A.L.P.H.A Initiative....
15 September 2022
Zoetis trains over 26,000 vets, paraprofessionals and farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa
How has Zoetis' A.L.P.H.A. Initiative met it's objectives?...
20 July 2022
EU project will contribute to more resilient, sustainable milk production
Aarhus University is one of the partners in an EU project, R4D (Resilience for Dairy), aiming at contributing to the social, economic and environmental development of European milk production....
05 July 2022
Dutch report shows less antibiotic resistance in farm animals
Resistance in broilers at lowest since 1998...
22 June 2022
Leading dairy farmers managers prioritize data
Today's leading dairy farm managers use data to drive their farm decisions, streamline operations and grow revenue. With the technology boom, efficiency, connectivity, and software have become necessary....
13 June 2022
30 May 2022
Thermo Fisher Scientific announces agenda for 2-day virtual Animal Health Dx Summit 2022
Join Thermo Fisher Scientific, the global leader in animal molecular diagnostic testing, on Wednesday, June 1, for the kick off of their 2-day virtual Animal Health Dx Summit....
26 May 2022
New initiative smooths the way for better mastitis control
The Mastitis Pattern Analysis Tool analyses SCC, clinical mastitis treatment records...
26 April 2022
Livestock monitoring market to reach $1006.7 mln by 2028 - report
Europe is expected to be the most lucrative market...
11 April 2022
Leading academic recalls 2001 FMD epidemic presenting to Irish Gov animal health event
“It’s important that we remind ourselves of the devastating impact that disease outbreaks such as foot and mouth can have on animals and on people. We must always be on a state of alert to protect our livestock and agri-food industry.”...
10 February 2022
18 January 2022
Purdue Ag-Celerator program funds fertility innovation
The funding will help finalise the proof-of-concept stage...
10 January 2022
Canadian researchers working on new testing method for cattle-adapted Salmonella bacteria
A research team at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) is developing a more cost-effective method to detect a type of salmonella bacteria that’s difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to eradicate from dairy cattle herds....
27 December 2021
MLA: Scanning the globe for the best BRD diagnostic tools
When it comes to Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD), MLA’s latest research has taken a global approach, partnering with universities, research institutes and technology providers from across the world to find the most effective methods for diagnosis in...
Cow's digestive system influences human’s vitamin B12 intake
Milk is the main source of vitamin B12 consumption for Canadians. A glass of cow’s milk contains about 46% of the daily-recommended dietary intake of vitamin B12 for adults. But what factors influences the concentration of B12 in a glass of milk? Turns...
29 November 2021
USDA funds methane reduction research
Researchers to conduct on-farm trials of innovative feed management strategies...
Connecterra to launch AI technology in New Zealand
The company signed an agreement with Fonterra Co-Operative Group ...
24 November 2021
Diagnostics Role in Selective Dry Cow Therapy
Dry Cow Management Protocols Vary Around the World...
17 November 2021
Genetic contact tracing could help curb TB outbreaks
Routine analysis of bacteria in cattle and badgers could help manage early spread of costly disease, research shows. ...
27 October 2021
US researchers identify potential intervention for BRD in calves
Scientists with the USDA's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) have identified proteins in bacteria associated with bovine respiratory disease (BRD), saying that it could form part of an intervention strategy against the disease. ...
25 October 2021
UK warns of moderate to high risk of liver fluke infection for 2021 to 2022 season
Researchers from Northern Ireland's AFBI warn that cattle and sheep are at moderate to high risk of liver fluke infection during the autumn and winter seasons. ...
15 October 2021
UK cattle vets to spearhead crucial antibiotic data collection
Cattle vets are being called on to spearhead efforts to populate the new national Medicine Hub with farm antibiotic data....
29 September 2021
New project significantly improves IVF in cattle
Researchers in the UK have discovered a new embryo identification IVF method for cattle, sparking potential gains for the dairy industry. ...
20 September 2021
How reliable are the tests for Q fever?
The Animal Q Fever Unit of ANSES’s Sophia-Antipolis Laboratory has just published a study comparing the performance of the three commercially available tests for detecting Q fever in animals....
16 September 2021
New cattle-focused vet practice launches in West Wales, UK
The Cattle Vet, a new, independent veterinary practice focused on cattle, has launched in West Wales, UK. ...
30 August 2021
Diagnosing bovine mastitis: Real-Time PCR offers fast results
When mastitis is circulating in your herd, time can make a big difference. ...
27 August 2021
Final chance for UK farmers to take part in survey on recognising and treating pain in lame dairy cows
VETPARTNERS is inviting anyone who works with lame dairy cows to complete a short questionnaire about what they think of certain conditions and how to approach the treatment of various diseases....
US proposes increased zoonotic disease surveillance as part of American Rescue Plan
The USDA has unveiled a proposed framework to overhaul surveillance for viruses like SARS-CoV-2 and other emerging zoonotic diseases and build an early warning system....
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