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15 October 2021
UK cattle vets to spearhead crucial antibiotic data collection
Cattle vets are being called on to spearhead efforts to populate the new national Medicine Hub with farm antibiotic data....
29 September 2021
New project significantly improves IVF in cattle
Researchers in the UK have discovered a new embryo identification IVF method for cattle, sparking potential gains for the dairy industry. ...
20 September 2021
How reliable are the tests for Q fever?
The Animal Q Fever Unit of ANSES’s Sophia-Antipolis Laboratory has just published a study comparing the performance of the three commercially available tests for detecting Q fever in animals....
16 September 2021
New cattle-focused vet practice launches in West Wales, UK
The Cattle Vet, a new, independent veterinary practice focused on cattle, has launched in West Wales, UK. ...
30 August 2021
Diagnosing bovine mastitis: Real-Time PCR offers fast results
When mastitis is circulating in your herd, time can make a big difference. ...
27 August 2021
Final chance for UK farmers to take part in survey on recognising and treating pain in lame dairy cows
VETPARTNERS is inviting anyone who works with lame dairy cows to complete a short questionnaire about what they think of certain conditions and how to approach the treatment of various diseases....
US proposes increased zoonotic disease surveillance as part of American Rescue Plan
The USDA has unveiled a proposed framework to overhaul surveillance for viruses like SARS-CoV-2 and other emerging zoonotic diseases and build an early warning system....
26 August 2021
Animal health firm Anifera to conduct in-depth bovine mastitis studies
Anifera plans to develop compounds that can improve the efficacy of antibiotics as part of extended studies into mastitis. ...
23 August 2021
Whitepaper: PCR vs bacterial culture for mastitis – who wins?
Bacterial culture has long been the standard method of pathogen identification for bovine mastitis. ...
20 August 2021
UK moves one step closer towards controlling bovine TB after expanding advisory service
A significant step forward has been made to reduce the spread of TB with the expansion of a service offering farmers free biosecurity advice to protect their herds....
10 August 2021
Changes in UK's Red Tractor standards provide opportunity to act on BVD
New plans to take more active control of Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) through Red Tractor assurance have been welcomed by CHECS chair Abi Reader, who says UK beef and dairy farmers now have a huge opportunity to boost profitability and reputation by working...
09 August 2021
Asian Longhorned Tick is spreading in US, vigilance needed
It’s time to be on the lookout for the Asian longhorned tick. While this tick is native to East Asia, it is spreading across the United States and has come as far east as Arkansas and as far north as New York. ...
Latest M. bovis TAG report shows New Zealand is on track to eradicate the disease
The latest report from the independent Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for the Mycoplasma bovis (M. bovis) response shows New Zealand is on track to eradicate the disease....
04 August 2021
More than 2,000 trained in Mexico to identify important animal diseases
Mexico is training students of veterinary medicine and related careers to identify serious livestock diseases to prepare them to prevent and, where appropriate, controlling and eradicating threats to Mexico's national livestock....
28 July 2021
26 July 2021
Organic dairy farms resilient in the face of COVID-19 crisis
A team of researchers from the Agroecology, Innovations, Territories (AGIR) unit working on farm resilience at the INRAE Occitanie-Toulouse center looked at the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on French organic dairy cattle farms and supply chains. ...
14 July 2021
AHDB steps up lameness support across Wales
Welsh dairy farmers will get more access to lameness advice and support thanks to an increase in the number of trained experts....
13 July 2021
Lameness could cost dairy farmers up to £13,600 a year in decreased milk yield
Early detection is key for dairy farmers to stay on top of lameness cases and prevent the impact being seen in the bulk tank, particularly those milking on a robotic system....
07 July 2021
UK begins field trials for BCG vaccine and bovine TB skin test
World’s first clinical field trials of the BCG vaccine and DIVA skin test launched on a cattle farm in Hertfordshire, England....
05 July 2021
Former UK dairy farmer joins PBD Biotech's fight against bovine TB
Jonnie Yewdall appointed Commercial Director by developers of accurate Actiphage diagnostic....
02 July 2021
OIE celebrates 10 years since eradicating rinderpest
The OIE and iD4D are emphasizing the value of vaccines at it marks the global eradication of rinderpest ten years ago. ...
09 June 2021
The importance of sensitivity and specificity in diagnosing bovine mastitis
Have you ever received a “no growth” result in a bacterial culture when trying to diagnose mastitis? ...
18 May 2021
"Test Don't Guess" to control roundworm and liver fluke in ruminants
A new animation from the Moredun Institute showcases "Test Don't Guess", a fun way to learn about parasite monitoring to improve livestock health and performance. ...
14 May 2021
UK livestock disease research center receives funding boost
Scotland's Rural College (SRUC) to invest £500,000 to upgrade its research facilities at St Boswells....
12 May 2021
Taking a One Health approach to animal diseases
Australia’s herd of cattle livestock contribute over $12 billion to our economy per year. Sheep contribute over $6 billion....
05 May 2021
Pirbright researchers hope to tackle cattle disease with two new projects
The Pirbright Institute has earmarked €3.5 million for two projects designed to improve pig and cattle health. ...
04 May 2021
South Korean dairy boss quits over claim yogurt drink effective against COVID-19
The chairman of a major South Korean dairy company stepped down on 4 May after police launched an investigation into the company's assertion that its yogurt drink was effective in fighting the novel coronavirus....
03 May 2021
CHECS to change Johne's disease testing rules
Changes to Johne’s disease testing protocols which may affect subsequent herd Risk Levels have been announced by CHECS, which sets industry standards for cattle disease control across UK and Ireland....
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