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12 February 2016
Survey Results Show Flood Damage Cost Cumbria Farmers Thousands
UK - Farmers who suffered flood damage in the worst hit areas of Cumbria have responded to an industry led survey and the results are staggering....
11 February 2016
Keeping Dry Cows Cool Promotes Herd Productivity, Research Shows
AUSTRALIA - The impacts hot weather can have on milking herds are well-known and dairy farmers throughout mainland Australia employ shade and evaporative cooling, with supporting herd management strategies, to prevent heat stress and keep their milking...
02 February 2016
South African Drought: No Relief in Sight
SOUTH AFRICA - In spite of wide spread rain over many parts of the drought-stricken summer rainfall area of South Africa, chances remain low that the impact of drought will soon be broken. Glenneis Kriel reports....
28 January 2016
Cold Weather Kills Cattle in Vietnam
VIETNAM - Nearly 800 cattle have been killed following a record-low cold spell that has raged across the northern region, officials said....
27 January 2016
Philippines to Focus on Livestock, Fisheries Least Affected by El Niño
PHILIPPINES - The Department of Agriculture has said that to counter the negative effects of El Niño and the turbulent typhoons like the ones that wreaked havoc in the country, it will give more attention to livestock and poultry production since these...
26 January 2016
NFU Urges Government to Renew Efforts to get Aid to Flood-Hit Farms
UK - The National Farmers Union (NFU) is urging the Government to redouble its efforts to help farms still struggling with the deluge of water from Storm Desmond....
20 January 2016
Ethiopia Faces El Niño Emergency as Livestock, Crops Lost
ETHIOPIA - The strongest El Niño weather episode in the last several decades has caused repeated crop failure, decimated livestock herds and driven some 10.2 million people across Ethiopia into food insecurity, the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation...
11 January 2016
El Niño Impacts to Hit NZ Farmers for Months
NEW ZEALAND - Recent rain has been a welcome respite from ongoing dry weather conditions in much of the country, but farmers in drought-affected parts of New Zealand will continue to feel the impacts of El Niño for months, as New Zealand's weather science...
04 January 2016
Dry El Niño Summer Expected to Cause Problems for NZ Dairy Farmers
NEW ZEALAND - Data from past El Niño years suggests farmers in some regions can expect a drop in pasture growth this summer, DairyNZ has reported....
23 December 2015
El Niño Lowers Early Production Outlook in Southern Africa
GLOBAL - Crop and livestock production prospects in Southern Africa have been weakened by the El Niño weather phenomenon that has lowered rains and increased temperatures....
17 December 2015
Farmers Urged to Check Animals in Extreme South Australian Heat
AUSTRALIA - Livestock and poultry owners have been reminded to take special care of their stock over the coming days of extreme heat, as animals suffer from the heat as well....
14 December 2015
Breakthrough Climate Agreement Supports Food Security
GLOBAL - FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva welcomed the approval of the Paris Agreement on climate change, saying that "for the first time ever, food security features in a global climate change accord."...
11 December 2015
UK Government Issues Support to Flood Affected Farmers
UK - The UK's Farming Minister, George Eustice, has confirmed that support payments worth up to £20,000 will be available to farmers across Cumbria and North Lancashire who have been affected by flooding....
10 December 2015
NZ Farmers Urged to Help Each Other in Dry El Niño Weather
NEW ZEALAND - Farming organisation Federated Farmers is encouraging drought affected farmers struggling due to the dry El Niño weather pattern to continue destocking as necessary, and to think further afield....
09 December 2015
Severe Flooding Hits Farmers in Britain and Ireland
UK, IRELAND - Farming organisations in the UK and Ireland are calling on governments to ensure farmers are remembered during the clean-up operation, following severe flooding in both countries caused by Storm Desmond....
03 December 2015
Rabobank Outlook 2016: Bearish Grains, Stable for Cattle
ANALYSIS - Agri commodity stocks remain comfortable and are expected to limit price gains to modest levels throughout 2016 for grains and oilseeds, while hogs, sugar and coffee prices are expected to head higher. Cattle prices are expected to remain fairly...
02 December 2015
Farmers Notice Increase in Severe Weather Events
UK - As the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) today hosts its ‘Farmers’ Day’, a new survey from the National Farmers Union has highlighted the damage that severe weather events have inflicted upon the agriculture industry over the past decade....
26 November 2015
Conserve Diverse Breeds to Adapt to Climate Change, FAO Urges
GLOBAL - In the run-up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21), FAO has released new guidelines to assist countries in better conserving and sustainably using genetic resources in times of climate change....
16 November 2015
Thousands of Cattle Dying in Severe South African Drought
SOUTH AFRICA - Southern Africa is currently experiencing one of its most severe droughts in the past 20 years, with serious consequences for agriculture and animal welfare....
13 November 2015
Weather: El Niño’s Global Impact, US November Outlook
ANALYSIS - El Niño is expected to peak in December, according to the US' National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)....
12 November 2015
How Can Dairy Businesses Survive Winter?
ANALYSIS - It has been a tough year across the agricultural sector, with dairy being one of the hardest hit. Melanie Jenkins looks at what steps dairy farmers can take to weather the storm this winter....
06 November 2015
Adverse Weather Pushes Food Prices Up in October
GLOBAL - Major food commodity prices rose in October, spurred by weather-driven concerns about sugar and palm oil supplies....
16 October 2015
Agriculture Must be Included in Global Climate Change Debate
GLOBAL - All countries should strive to ensure an ambitious agreement to tackle climate change, putting food security and agriculture at the centre of debates on the issue, agriculture experts have said....
08 October 2015
Ukraine Has Enough Dairy and Grain
UKRAINE – Yields in Ukraine’s dairy and arable sectors have ensured food security, government ministers have confirmed....
28 September 2015
Good Weather Helps Brazil to Record Grain Crop
BRAZIL – Favourable production conditions in key producing regions have pushed Brazil’s grain yields to bumper levels, lifting 6.4 per cent on the prior year....
23 September 2015
Will El Nino Limit Milk Supply?
NEW ZEALAND – A possible El Nino weather system has raised hopes of New Zealand milk production faltering, allowing global dairy supplies to rebalance....
15 September 2015
Lower Fonterra Production Outlook Could Move Lower
NEW ZEALAND – Dairy cooperative Fonterra anticipates milk volume for the coming season to be 2-3 per cent back on the prior year....
11 September 2015
Urban Sprawl Wrecking Italian Farmland through Landslides
ITALY – Reduced rainfall infiltration caused by concreting over grasslands is putting rural communities at risk from landslides, warns an Italian farm group....
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