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29 May 2021
Farm Health Guardian expands team to support US business
Farm Health Guardian welcomes Kyle Thomas to its North American team to support the company’s growth and expansion in the United States....
28 May 2021
UK ruminant sector identifies key disease priorities after survey
Ruminant Health & Welfare (RH&W) has announced the results to its nationwide "grassroots" survey of farmers, stock people and vets on priority livestock diseases and syndromes....
24 May 2021
Dairy beef trial to reveal eating quality potential
Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) is investigating the potential of creating a viable dairy beef supply chain to add substantial value to dairy steers commonly sold into lower value markets....
19 May 2021
Pirbright plans to progress pig, cattle health through two €3.5 million projects
Two new projects managed and coordinated by The Pirbright Institute are designed to improve pig and cattle health through fully funded worth a total of €3.5 million. ...
12 May 2021
Taking a One Health approach to animal diseases
Australia’s herd of cattle livestock contribute over $12 billion to our economy per year. Sheep contribute over $6 billion....
11 May 2021
Youth activists urge bigger say in decision making for climate-hit Africans
Grassroots activists are well-placed to tailor climate messages for local food producers and livestock keepers and could help build long-term support for climate action....
07 April 2021
Land management strategies could be the key to cutting climate emissions
New research that assessed 12 different strategies for reducing climate emissions from beef production found that using improved ranching management practices could lead to a 50% reduction in emissions in some regions....
30 March 2021
Functional hoof trimming course launches online
Professional Hoof Trimmer Graeme Parker, also known by his YouTube channel name as The Hoof GP, is launching an Online Functional Hoof Trimming Course....
25 March 2021
UK's bovine TB policy must keep effective disease control methods, says NFU
Any changes to the government’s 25-year bovine TB eradication strategy must be based on science and evidence that can prove effective in reducing incidents of the disease, says the NFU....
19 March 2021
SRUC launches new Herd Health Planning app to connect farmers and vets
A new app created by the Veterinary Services team at Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) will allow British beef suckler farmers to share real-time cattle data with veterinary surgeons while in the field....
12 March 2021
10 things to keep in mind about lungworm before turnout
Preventing lungworm outbreaks this grazing season must be made a priority ahead of turnout, says MSD Animal Health veterinary adviser Dr Kat Baxter-Smith....
11 March 2021
UK's Ruminant Health & Welfare group identifies priority areas for 2021-2023
Ruminant Health & Welfare has announced four key areas it will be working on over the next two years to help improve cattle and sheep production in the UK....
09 March 2021
New study shows that metabolic testing could improve fertility in beef herds
Researchers at Scotland's Rural College (SRUC) have found that metabolic profile testing could improve calving performance in beef cattle....
26 February 2021
UK farmers should test before treating calves with wormer this spring
Experts from the Control of Worms Sustainably (COWS) group are urging dairy and suckler beef producers with autumn-born calves, to think carefully about their worm control programme this spring....
22 February 2021
BCVA launches foundation programme for new farm vets
The British Cattle Veterinary Association (BCVA) has launched its popular foundation programme for newly qualified vets. ...
18 February 2021
Altosid IGR Announces Lower Price To Protect Cattle, Bottom Lines
Altosid IGR, the industry-leading feed-through insect growth regulator for horn fly control, is now available at a price of 2 to 3 cents per animal, per day. ...
17 February 2021
US tracking transboundary and emerging diseases
Transboundary and emerging diseases are constant threats to the livestock industry. Even as biosafety measures have evolved, there is always the lingering threat of highly contagious or newly discovered diseases impacting animal health....
15 February 2021
UK NFU joins government's bovine TB partnership
The National Farmers Union has joined the UK government's consultation to improve its bovine TB strategy. ...
08 February 2021
COWS warns cattle farmers to not let liver fluke catch them out
The Control of Cattle Parasites Sustainably (COWS) group has issued guidance for cattle farmers on how they can keep liver fluke at bay. ...
05 February 2021
Changes to cleaning practices could improve calve health on GB dairy farms, according to new research
A new study looking at colostrum hygiene on British dairy farms has shown that by making a few simple changes to cleaning protocols, farmers could significantly minimise the risk of disease in calves....
30 January 2021
US industry groups call for urgent action on livestock antibiotic overuse
A coalition of animal health groups is urging the new US administration to address the growing threat of AMR and curb the overuse of antibiotics in livestock farming. ...
28 January 2021
UK NFU and BVA respond to government's future bovine TB eradication strategy
Defra has announced a consultation on future TB eradication strategy, which proposes to no longer license badger culls post-2022; NFU and BVA both call for new proposals to be evidence-based. ...
27 January 2021
WVA and Brooke to create first ever global list of essential livestock medicines
As part of a wider strategy to standardise health treatments for farm animals and improve health outcomes, the World Veterinary Association (WVA) and animal welfare charity Brooke will collaborate to create a global list of essential veterinary medicines....
25 January 2021
Next Few Months Critical to Spring Fertility
Getting management of the suckler cow right in the January to April period will be critical in determining the success of the 2021 breeding season. Most Spring calving suckler cows are either just freshly calved or will calve in the next 8-12 weeks. Aidan...
24 January 2021
OIE's Global Burden of Animal Disease (GBAD) research programme secures more funding
Animal health researchers from the GBADs programme have secured $7 million in funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the UK's Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office to explore and measure animal health burdens and their impacts on human...
18 January 2021
TechMix Acquires Immuno-Dynamics
TechMix, LLC is announcing the acquisition of Immuno-Dynamics, Inc. of Fennimore, Wisconsin....
15 January 2021
New report stresses the need for a UK farm animal health and welfare body
A new report published as part of the Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust and AHDB highlights the need for a veterinary-led farm animal health and welfare body for the UK. ...
14 January 2021
Boehringer welcomes new leadership
Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, a leading provider of medicine for pets, horses and livestock, announces leadership transition and welcomes Randolph Legg as its US President....
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