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Bandung Beef Prices Remain Stable Ahead of Idul Fitri

13 June 2018

INDONESIA - While Idul Fitri draws ever nearer, the price of beef in Bandung, West Java, has remained normal at Rp 80,000 (US$5.72) per kilogram for frozen beef and Rp 120,000 for fresh beef.

"We also have an adequate supply of beef," said acting Bandung Mayor Muhamad Solihin after making an unannounced inspection on Monday evening at the Ciroyom slaughtering house (RPH) in Bandung .

According to The Jakarta Post, the mayor explained that the frozen beef for consumers was of a quality akin to that of fresh beef, so people did not need to worry about consuming it.

Mr Solihin said the slaughtering process at RPH Ciroyom used good, halal methods.

The prices for chicken and other prime commodities were also stable. At Ciroyom market, chicken is sold for Rp 40,000 per kg, shallots for Rp 30,000/kg and garlic for Rp 20,000/kg. Meanwhile, cabe rawit (bird’s eye chili) costs Rp 40,000/kg and Rp 25,000/kg for green chili.

"The price of Tanjung chilies, which are usually sold for Rp 40,000 to Rp 50,000 per kilogram, has increased to Rp 80,000. Hopefully, we can intervene and normalize the price," said Mr Solihin.

Bandung Food and Agriculture Agency head Elly Wasliah said chicken should cost Rp 36,000/kg.

"So, Rp 40,000 per kilogram is still reasonable. We will investigate if the price is above that," he said.

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