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Italians Champion Donkey Cheese

06 October 2015

ITALY – A rare cheese has been created at Europe’s largest Donkey farm, claims Italy’s lead farming body.

The innovative cheese, called Asinino Reggiano, is made exclusively from Donkey milk after collaborative work between Davide Borghi, owner of Montebaducco, the biggest European breeder of donkeys at 800 head, and the food technologist Giuseppe Iannella.

The National Confederation of Farmers (COLDIRETTI) has welcomed the announcement, coinciding with the return of donkey breeding to Italy.

In producing the cheese, the company Montebaducco, located in Quattro Castella, overcomes obstacles produced by common rennet, thanks to the use of camel chymosin as suggested by Mr Iannella.

“Donkey milk is very different from that of cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats,” said food expert, Mr Borghi who opted for ceramic packaging for the product.

“This represents Italian craftsmanship, able to keep the cheese perfectly well, especially by preventing the oxidation of fat.”

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