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Scots To Get Rough Treatment From European Regulations

17 January 2014

UK – Half of single farm payments could disappear once Common Agricultural Policy reforms are enacted, according to a beef industry body.

Beef farmers in Scotland could be ‘shafted’ by money saving reforms in Brussels to the tune of €200 a cow, the Scottish Beef Association (SBA) has warned.

Predicted losses, expected to hit hundreds of farms, are being calculated on a Scottish Government calculation tool, the 'ready reckoner'.

SBA chairman Scott Henderson described potential loss calculations as ‘scary’ and advises farmers to seek guidance if necessary.

"I would strongly encourage any beef producer worried about what may be in store for them to contact the SBA through our web site,” said Mr Henderson.

"Before completing the online consultation it is essential that every respondent uses the ready reckoner to work out their new SFP as it will make a fundamental difference in how you fill in your response.”

He added: “This will allow us to further build our case when in discussion with the Scottish Government."

In response, the SBA has requested to see;

  • a siphon on all entitlement sales;
  • cross compliance measures only being used once the EU has verified any penalty matrix, ie no retrospective penalties at either national or producer level;
  • the use of all VCS on a flat rate for animals of at least 75 per cent beef genetics;
  • full area payments being awarded to new entrants, not just young farmers;
  • no support capping or the use of more than five per cent degressivity;
  • the Irish Tunnel" method used on convergence.

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