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Finnish Dairy Industry Lay Out Wishes for Post-Quota Supports

04 September 2013

FINLAND – An industry plea has been sent to the government calling for the rapid adoption a new farm support system after quota removal in 2015.

The Finnish Union of Agriculture and Forest Owners (MTK) have presented ‘subsidy 141 litres’, a farm support linked to production per cow, to the government to prevent market forces becoming ‘uncomfortable’ after quotas are removed.

Representing the interests of producers in the south of the country, MTK said: “Our milk delegation is very concerned about tight cash flows on farms and liquidity. It is important that all farmers can get a monthly support per litre produced.”

But the payment will not be tied to production. MTK commented that, in spite of the proposed ‘production lined support’, payments will go to the cost of production.

Payment timing is the principal concern of MTK’s Milk Committee. One payment will be released in November with farmers not receiving the next installment until the following spring.

Under MTK’s proposed changes, an average farm of 80 cows producing 856,000 kilos of milk a year would lose less payments under the 141 litres scheme and be €2,300 better off a month.

Farmers in northern Finland will be forthcoming in the autumn, when the dairy delegation hears back from decisions at state level.

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