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Anger Over TB Vaccination Costs

31 January 2013

WALES – The government’s welsh bovine tuberculosis programme has announced that badger vaccinations will cost £662 per jab.

Overall the Pembrokeshire project (in south west Wales) cost £943,000 to vaccinate a total of 1,424 badgers.

This has been described as a product of a policy based on expediency rather than scientific fact by Stephen James, National Farmers Union Wales.

“Here we are with a policy that in our opinion was not supported by the evidence put forward within the scientific review commissioned by the Welsh Government that is costing nearly £1 million annually to deliver a vaccine costing £26,000.

“Many of the badgers vaccinated are already suffering disease so the vaccine will not be effective and these animals will continue to excrete infection into the countryside,” added Mr James.

Efficacy is vital for the outlook of the Welsh cattle sector. In 2010 7619 animals were slaughtered in Wales due to TB which rose to 8068 for 2012 up until October.

Mr James added that the number of farms under restriction has increase by 558 per cent since 1998 to 1741 holdings. Producers justifiably feel as if efforts on farm are not being met by the executive.

Rules like these are pushing compromising animal welfare considerations, said Mr James, concluding that rules and guidance have no bearing on the everyday circumstances foudn on Welsh farms.

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