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Foot-and-Mouth Suspected in Miyazaki Pigs

29 April 2010

JAPAN - Suspected cases of foot-and-mouth disease in livestock have been found at three more locations in Miyazaki Prefecture, including Japan's first suspected cases involving pigs, local officials and the agriculture ministry said yesterday.

The latest findings bring the tally of suspected infections to 10 and will result in the slaughter of about 2,900 cows and pigs in an effort to prevent the disease from spreading, the Miyazaki Prefectural Government said.

Five cows at a farm and five pigs at a livestock experiment station in the town of Kawaminami, where other cows were already confirmed infected last week, tested positive for the disease. Meanwhile, four to eight cows are suspected to have the disease at a farm in Ebino, more than 50 km from Kawaminami.

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Source: The Japan Times


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