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Oil supplements in feed improve the nutritional quality of milk
The nutritional quality of milk improved when fish oil or both fish and plant oil were added to the feed of...
Experts challenge current understanding of transition dairy cow health
Comprehensive review in the Journal of Dairy ScienceĀ® examines the riskiest period for dairy cow health,...
The Best of Both Breeds: UConn studying best feeding practices for crossbred calves
Cattle farmers have historically raised cattle specifically suited for either dairy or beef production. But...
Keeping chocolate milk smooth, stable without carrageenan
Fat-free chocolate milk processed for the first time with high-pressure jet technology exhibits enhanced viscosity,...
Forage system is the key driver of mountain milk specificity
This study allowed to hierarchize the effects related to the origin on milk composition that can be considered...
New research: why cool cows provide more milk
With increasing global temperatures, dairy cattle face heat stress more frequently throughout the year than...



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