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02 October 2015
View news from Norway Norwegian Livestock Antibiotic Use Low but Growing in Pets
NORWAY - Norwegian antibiotic use is falling in livestock but rising in pets....
View news from Norway MRSA Spreads From Pigs to Cattle on Norwegian Farm
NORWAY - Norway's Veterinary Institute has reported that antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria (MRSA) have been found in cattle on the same farm where it was previously found in pigs, in Rogaland. ...
02 September 2015
View news from Norway Alpacas Test Positive for Bovine TB in Norway
NORWAY - Two alpacas imported from Canada into Norway have tested positive for bovine tuberculosis (bTB)....
11 August 2015
View news from Norway Salmonella Detected in New Norwegian Cattle Herd
NORWAY - The Norwegian Veterinary Institute has discovered Salmonella Typhimurium in a stool sample from a calf with bloody diarrhea in a herd of dairy cows in Nordland, Norway....
21 July 2015
View news from Norway Look North For Healthy Hooves: Breeding Against Lameness
SCANDINAVIA – Nordic countries sit on the world’s largest hoof health database and are keen to share the genetic benefits....
10 July 2015
View news from Norway Alltech Acquires Norwegian Agriculture and Aquaculture Companies
NORWAY - Alltech is expanding its European operations with acquisitions of two Norwegian companies with experience in the Norwegian agriculture and aquaculture industries....
08 July 2015
View news from Norway Paratuberculosis Outbreak Found in Norway
NORWAY - There has been a case of paratuberculosis in Norwegian cattle....
05 May 2015
View news from Norway Suspected Anthrax in Norwegian Cattle
NORWAY - There has been a suspected case of anthrax in Norwegian cattle....
24 February 2015
View news from Norway Norway BSE Case Resolved
NORWAY – A bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) case has been finalised with confirmation of all risk animals being killed and incinerated....
29 January 2015
View news from Norway Atypical BSE Case Confirmed in Norway
NORWAY – A bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) case has been diagnosed as atypical by Europe’s reference laboratory after officials were alarmed earlier this week....
10 January 2014
View news from Norway New Publication Could Help Unravel Babesiosis Upsurge
NORWAY – A research paper exploring the reasons behind the changing extent of a tick species in Norway has been published in the paper Parasites and Vectors....
31 July 2013
View news from Norway Norwegian Fodder Crisis Leads to Culling
NORWAY – Forced culling is being practiced in parts of Norway where fodder shortages have reached critical levels....
03 May 2013
View news from Norway Cattle Health Risks Mount as Ticks Advance Inland
In addition to midge-borne viruses such as Schmallenberg and Bluetongue, tick-borne illnesses are also on the rise as the parasites spread into inland Norway, a study has confirmed....
26 April 2013
View news from Norway Deformed Calf Steps Up Schmallenberg Surveillance
NORWAY – National monitoring for Schmallenberg virus (SBV) has been revised following the birth of a deformed calf....
08 April 2013
View news from Norway Climate Change Blamed for Tick Spread
NORWAY – Shorter snow seasons have been attributed to the northward advance of ticks and act as another reminder to abate climate change....
14 February 2013
View news from Norway Schmallenberg Seminar to Provide Disease Update
NORWAY - Schmallenbergvirus was first detected in Norway in autumn 2012 and the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI) is preparing the industry for action. ...
21 January 2013
View news from Norway Antiviral Properties Found in Bovine Lactofferin
NORWAY – A seminar held by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute will discuss findings that Lactofferin proteins have been shown to have different properties of importance for human health including an in vitro observed antiviral effect....
16 November 2012
View news from Norway Bulk Tank Sampling Detects Schmallenberg Antibodies
NORWAY - Ongoing research monitoring bulk milk samples has shown 13 per cent of holdings in the south of the country have the Schmallenberg virus. ...
30 October 2012
View news from Norway Midges Carrying Schmallenberg Detected in Norway
NORWAY - Biting midges carrying Schmallenberg have been collected by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute....
29 October 2012
View news from Norway Success in Fish Feed for Nutreco, Revnue in Q3 Up
NORWAY - Nutreco has reported an increase in revenue of 13 per cent in the third quarter of 2012, compared to third quarter results from 2011. Success in the fish feed sector offset poorer results in other livestock feeds. ...
30 December 2011
View news from Norway Use Lactation Curve To Improve Management
NORWAY - The lactation curve is a graphic presentation of variations in milk production throughout the lactation period. There are great variations in the shape of the lactation curve, disease incidence and fertility in cattle and in feeding strategy....
14 February 2011
View news from Norway Miscarriage Parasite Rare In Norwegian Dairy Herds
NORWAY - Neospora caninum is a unicellular parasite that induces miscarriages in cows in large parts of the world. Siv Klevar’s doctoral thesis has charted both the occurrence of the parasite in Norway and also important immunological processes that...
26 October 2010
View news from Norway Do Skin Lesions Indicate Sub-Standard Welfare?
NORWAY - Camilla Kielland's PhD research has identified the prevalence and risk factors for skin lesions on Norwegian dairy cows....
24 August 2010
View news from Norway Battling Climate Change
NORWAY - Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from Norwegian agriculture is a stated objective, and proper cattle feed is one means of accomplishing this. This summer Daisy has gone to pasture adorned with some advanced monitoring equipment....
24 February 2010
View news from Norway Untied Cows Produce Less Milk
NORWAY - 'Free-stall', untied cattle in small herds produce less milk than cows tied to their stalls but have a higher reproductive performance and suffer less teat injuries and metabolic diseases. Researchers writing in BioMed Central's open access journal...
15 February 2010
View news from Norway Differences Between Conventional And Organic Dairies
NORWAY - An investigation in Norway has highlighted the differences between Norweigan Red cows in conventional and organic farming with respect to reproductive performance, udder health and antibiotic resistance in udder pathogens. The study was carried...
25 June 2009
View news from Norway Milk and Meat Tainted by Sun Light
NORWAY - Photo-oxidation is a major problem in the storage of a number of different kinds of food. Dairy products are particularly vulnerable, as they contain molecules that are sensitive to light. "Sun taste" in milk is a case in point....
08 June 2009
View news from Norway UN, Norway Boost Cattle Farmers
NORWAY - The Norwegian government and the United Nations Development Programme have earmarked $4m (about sh4.4b) to combat desertification in six cattle corridor districts. ...
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