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16 February 2017
View news from Denmark Concentrating Milk at the Farm Does Not Harm Milk Quality
DENMARK - At dairies, the reverse osmosis filtration technique is extensively used to remove water from milk to be used for further processing such as e.g. cheese or milk powder. However, many resources would be saved if it was possible to move this process...
14 February 2017
View news from Denmark Study: Extended Lactation Does Not Impair Quality or Cheese-making Property of Milk
DENMARK - On average, a Danish dairy cow calves once a year. However, there are many indications that fewer calvings and extended milking periods have more advantages....
09 February 2017
View news from Denmark Danish Analysts See Development of Farm-gate Prices Positively
DENMARK - The National Association of Danish Dairy Farmers (LDM) invited three market analysts to a recent Danish agricultural exhibition to give their view on the progress of on-account prices....
11 January 2017
View news from Denmark Improved Lactic Acid Bacteria Results in Better Tasting Cheeses
DENMARK - Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) provide many dairy products with the right taste, consistency and shelf life. In a new project, aroma producing LAB will be used to improve the flavour of cheeses and other dairy products, and in addition create value...
18 August 2016
View news from Denmark Researchers Investigate Manure Greenhouse Gas Emissions
DENMARK - It is currently not possible to quantify emissions of methane from livestock manure, which is a problem when countries are making commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture....
04 February 2016
View news from Denmark Researchers Try Oregano to Reduce Methane Emissions from Cows
DENMARK - A new research project from Aarhus University aims to reduce methane emissions from dairy cows by up to 25 per cent, benefiting producers and the environment....
10 December 2015
View news from Denmark 'Last Resort' Antibiotic Resistance Also Found in Denmark
DENMARK - A resistance gene to an antibiotic used in humans as a 'last resort' when other drugs do not work, recently discovered in pigs, broiler meat and humans in China, has now also been identified in Denmark....
09 October 2015
View news from Denmark Decrease in Animal Antimicrobial Use in Denmark
DENMARK - Antimicrobial use in Danish animals decreased in 2014, due mainly to decreased consumption in the pig production....
02 October 2015
View news from Denmark Denmark's Milk Production Cost Calculated at 43 Cents Per Kilo
DENMARK - The cost of production for milk in Denmark has been calculated using EU data, including an allowance for providing income for self-employed farmers....
24 August 2015
View news from Denmark Arla Cautiously Holds September Milk Price
EU – Danish dairy processor Arla will maintain its on-account price for its suppliers, although has said it must “remain cautious”....
05 March 2015
View news from Denmark New Model Measures Danish Agricultural Efficiency
DENMARK - Scientists from the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University have drawn up a robust model that can put actual figures on the efficiency of the country's agricultural production and use of resources. The model uses readily-accessible data....
06 February 2015
View news from Denmark New Project Breeds Cows Better Suited to Organic Dairy Production
DENMARK - A new project is set to benefit organic dairy production, partly by developing breeds of cows that are better suited to organic production and partly by creating niche dairy products based on knowledge of the cows' breeding characteristics....
03 February 2015
View news from Denmark Milk Proteins to Become Source of Vitamin D
DENMARK - Vitamin D deficiency is a massive problem in the winter at our latitude. Even with a balanced diet it is difficult to fully cover your vitamin D requirement. With a backing of 13 million Danish kroner from Innovation Fund Denmark, a new project...
13 October 2014
View news from Denmark Denmark Antimicrobial Use in Animals Continues to Increase
DENMARK - Antimicrobial usage in animals in Denmark continued to increase in 2013 – mainly due to an increased use in pigs. However, antimicrobial use in pigs is still 12 per cent lower than in 2009. In general, livestock received very little of the...
03 October 2014
View news from Denmark European Livestock Sector Collaborates on Sustainable Development
DENMARK - Research in technology and biology provides new development opportunities for European livestock farming, delegates to the recent European Association of Animal Production (EAAP) conference heard in Copenhagen....
03 September 2014
View news from Denmark Arla Factory to Treble Output of Whey Protein
DENMARK – A new Arla dairy plant is to start manufacturing a whey protein used in sports drinks and allergy friendly products by the end of 2016....
05 June 2014
View news from Denmark Further Investigation Needed on the Effect of Glyphosate on Livestock Health
DENMARK - There is a need for further investigations to clarify if glyphosate (the active compound in Roundup and similar pesticides) residues in feed may affect the health of livestock; particularly in animals in sensitive physiological and productive...
21 February 2014
View news from Denmark End to Slaughter Without Stunning in Denmark
DENMARK - Slaughter without prior stunning - for example, for kosher and halal meats - is no longer permitted in Denmark....
04 February 2014
View news from Denmark Major Investment to Boost Arla’s Profitability
DENMARK - Arla dairy is looking to expand its production globally and make it more eco-friendly by investing 2.2 billion DKK in 10 of its dairy sites in 2014. ...
22 January 2014
View news from Denmark Effective Danish Effort to Reduce Use of Antibiotics
DENMARK - The use of antibiotics in Danish farming has fallen by 11 per cent since 2009. This is shown by data from October 2013. In this way, Danish farmers have reached the policy objective to reduce the use of antibiotics by ten per cent compared to...
10 January 2014
View news from Denmark Cow Fertility Could be Blamed on Breeding For Milk Yield
DENMARK – Breeding for higher milk yield could dramatically reduce fertility due to embryonic death, European researchers have discovered....
23 October 2013
View news from Denmark Monitoring Food Loss and Waste Essential to Hunger Fight
DENMARK - Keeping track of the enormity and nature of food loss and waste is essential to reducing the problem and to speeding efforts to eliminate hunger globally, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva told participants at the Global Green Growth...
07 October 2013
View news from Denmark Aarhus University Appoints New Professor in Animal Science
DENMARK - With effect from 1 September Hanne Damgaard Poulsen from the Department of Animal Science at Aarhus University has been appointed professor with special responsibilities (mso) in environmental impacts of animal production....
15 July 2013
View news from Denmark Fullwood Welcomes New Dealer
DENMARK - Fullwood, milking equipment manufacturer announced the appointment of a new installation and service dealer on Friday....
12 July 2013
View news from Denmark More Grass Benefits Ecology As Well As Cow
DENMARK - Growing more grass benefits cows as well as biodiversity, Danish researchers have found....
28 May 2013
View news from Denmark Potential For Dairy Calves to Bolster Organic Beef
DENMARK – Aarhus University researchers are running organic bull calf pilots as a way of learning about the ‘untapped’ production potential of bull calves from the dairy sector....
23 May 2013
View news from Denmark Collaboration on Unique Monitoring System for Cows
DENMARK - Scientists at Aarhus University are collaborating with Lyngsoe Systems on the development of a new monitoring system for cows to improve animal health, welfare, farm economy, and to reduce environmental impact....
14 May 2013
View news from Denmark Seaweed Energy Solutions Makes Acquisition to Cultivate 100,000 Tons of Seaweed
DENMARK - Seaweed Energy Solutions is to acquire 100 per cent of Denmark's Seaweed Seed Supply, a move that sharply reinforces SES' position as Europe's leading player in large-scale seaweed cultivation for renewable energy and other uses....
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