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01 June 2016
View news from Australia Dairy Avoidance 'Reaches Dangerous Levels'
AUSTRALIA - A study has found for the first time that one in six adult Australians are choosing to avoid milk and dairy foods, the majority without a medical diagnosis, leading to public health concerns for women in particular....
31 May 2016
View news from Australia How Can You Tell if a Dairy Cow is Happy?
AUSTRALIA - According to Dr Xavier Manteca, University of Autonoma de Barcelona, who will be speaking at the Australian Veterinary Association’s (AVA) Annual Conference, dairy cattle welfare can be assessed using a range of methods....
View news from Australia Processing Investment to Boost South Australia's Dairy Industry
AUSTRALIA - A South Australian State Government grant for a new milk processing facility in Penola is aiming to provide a boost for the local dairy industry as well as providing jobs....
24 May 2016
View news from Australia Victorian Government Unveils Dairy Support Package
AUSTRALIA - An $11.4 million support package has been made available for dairy farmers in the Australian state of Victoria....
12 May 2016
View news from Australia Shadow Ag Minister Takes Aim at Australian Government Over Dairy Crisis Response
AUSTRALIA - Following milk price cuts from Murray Goulburn, Fonterra and Lion, Australian Shadow Agriculture Minister Joel Fitzgibbon has attacked Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce over his response....
10 May 2016
View news from Australia Fonterra Australia Reduces Milk Price
AUSTRALIA - Fonterra Australia has revised its farmgate milk price, meaning that the full 2015/16 season price will be reduced from A$5.60 per kgMS to A$5.00 per kgMS....
01 April 2016
View news from Australia Rare Genetic Disorder in Cows Could be More Common than Thought
AUSTRALIA - A rare disorder in purebred and crossbred cattle could become more widespread if not properly controlled....
24 March 2016
View news from Australia Dairy Cow Fertility Trends Improve
AUSTRALIA - After 20 years of declining dairy cow fertility, the genetic trend has turned around and improved every year since 2011 year. ...
19 February 2016
View news from Australia Drench Resistance a Growing Problem for Dairy Farmers
AUSTRALIA - A study has revealed that resistance to de-worming drugs is becoming a huge problem for many farmers....
11 February 2016
View news from Australia Keeping Dry Cows Cool Promotes Herd Productivity, Research Shows
AUSTRALIA - The impacts hot weather can have on milking herds are well-known and dairy farmers throughout mainland Australia employ shade and evaporative cooling, with supporting herd management strategies, to prevent heat stress and keep their milking...
17 December 2015
View news from Australia Farmers Urged to Check Animals in Extreme South Australian Heat
AUSTRALIA - Livestock and poultry owners have been reminded to take special care of their stock over the coming days of extreme heat, as animals suffer from the heat as well....
14 December 2015
View news from Australia Cattle Methane Emissions Lower Than Previously Thought
AUSTRALIA - Methane emissions from cattle in Australia are 24 per cent lower than previously estimated, equivalent to 12.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, following analysis of new Australian research data....
04 December 2015
View news from Australia Concern Over Make-Up of Australian Animal Welfare Committee
AUSTRALIA - Farmers have expressed concern at the recently appointed Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (AWAC)....
27 November 2015
View news from Australia Water Prices Jeopardise Australian Dairy Businesses
AUSTRALIA - The price of purchasing water in northern Victoria in Australia could result in dairy businesses becoming unviable, UK levy board AHDB Dairy has reported....
19 November 2015
View news from Australia Australia Develops New Antibiotic Prescribing Guidelines for Livestock
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Veterinary Association and Animal Medicines Australia are joining forces to develop best practice antibiotic prescribing guidelines for livestock and horses....
25 September 2015
View news from Australia Biosecurity Warning Issued, Australia Finds Illegal Dairy Imports
AUSTRALIA – Australian authorities are constantly on the lookout for breaches in quarantining laws, importers and the public have been warned following the discovery of an illegal dairy shipment....
18 September 2015
View news from Australia No Cow Comfort Threat from Large Dairies, Say Australians
AUSTRALIA – Increasing herd size does not necessarily imply stretched farms keeping unhappy cows but it does bring risk factors, according to a PhD study on Australian units....
18 August 2015
View news from Australia Farmer Rates Web-based Benchmarking Tool
AUSTRALIA – An online tool enabling farms to compare profit performance has been praised by a New South Wales farmer....
31 July 2015
View news from Australia China Signs Australian Health Protocol for Slaughter, Feeder Cattle
CHINA – Thriving live cattle exports from Australia to China are set for further expansion with a recent announcement on shipping cattle for finishing and butchering....
27 July 2015
View news from Australia Don’t Be the Last Cow Out of the Parlour
AUSTRALIA - Cows last into pasture from the milking parlour could be regularly eating “markedly” lower quality grass, says Australian research....
22 July 2015
View news from Australia New Cultures Tested by Australian Cheese Makers
AUSTRALIA - Australian cheese makers expect more opportunities for their business through a microbiological research project....
20 July 2015
View news from Australia New Bluetongue Virus Found in Australian Sentinel
AUSTRALIA - A case of bluetongue has been discovered in a sentinel herd of cattle in Australia....
06 July 2015
View news from Australia Australian Dairies Bucking Volatility Trend
AUSTRALIA - Money is being made in Australian dairy farming despite a rise in domestic production and international market volatility....
30 June 2015
View news from Australia How is Australia Developing Sustainable Dairy Production?
ANALYSIS - Consumers and the community want to know more about the products that agriculture and dairy farmers are producing....
04 June 2015
View news from Australia New Tool Helps Cut Cattle Transport Costs, Times
AUSTRALIA - Australian cattle farmers are now using a new tool to help the industry to be more efficient and to improve the welfare of livestock being transported....
02 June 2015
View news from Australia Large Herd Does Not Mean Worse Cow Welfare
AUSTRALIA – There is no evidence that larger herd size means compromised cow welfare, a study of Australian dairy farms has shown....
11 May 2015
View news from Australia Fonterra Suppliers to Set Top and Bottom Milk Price
AUSTRALIA – Fonterra Australia has offerede farmers chance to set monthly maximum and minimum prices for an agreed volume of milk solids. ...
05 May 2015
View news from Australia Robot Cow Herders Offer Opportunity for Milking Robots
AUSTRALIA - Moving cows with auto-herding techniques could maximise productivity in robotic systems, early Australian research indicates....
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