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20 January 2005
View news from Japan Japan says progress made in BSE dispute with US
JAPAN - A senior Japanese Farm Ministry official said on Thursday that progress has been made in resolving a dispute with the United States over beef trade, a day after a meeting between mad cow experts from the two countries. Source: Reuters...
24 December 2004
View news from Japan U.S. beef ban affects restaurants
TOKYO - The Japanese food industry is starting to realize how badly it has been hit by the effects of a ban placed on imports of U.S. beef nearly a year ago following the detection of cases of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or mad cow disease, in...
17 December 2004
View news from Japan Japan, U.S. in Talks to Review Beef Cattle Test Methods
JAPAN - Japanese and U.S. agriculture officials are in talks in Tokyo to review ways to confirm the age of beef cattle apart from tests for mad cow disease before a partial resumption of beef trade. The talks follow Japanese missions to the U.S. and...
08 December 2004
View news from Japan Japan introduces new internet-based beef tracking system
JAPAN - Japan took one step closer to total traceability this week when retailers and restaurants selling beef introduced a beef tracing system – making the coverage of Japan's tracking system probably the widest in the world. From now on all...
09 November 2004
View news from Japan 7 arrested in beef buyback swindle
JAPAN - The chairman of a meat wholesaler and six others were arrested Monday in a beef-buyback scam that authorities say netted them hundreds of millions of yen, and possibly more. They are accused of repackaging imported beef and labeling it as domestic...
04 November 2004
View news from Japan Japan deal offers hope to beef producers
JAPAN - A recent thawing by the Japanese government on American beef exports bodes well for an eventual resumption of full live cattle trade between the United States and Canada, according to Alberta Beef Producers finance chairman Erik Butters. “It’s...
28 October 2004
View news from Japan 6 out of 10 surveyed would shun U.S. beef
JAPAN - More than six out of 10 consumers said they would still avoid U.S. beef when imports are resumed, according to an Asahi Shimbun survey. U.S. beef imports were suspended in December 2003 following confirmation of the country's first case of bovine...
25 October 2004
View news from Japan Japan, US reach interim agreement on beef trade
JAPAN - Japan and the United States have reached an interim agreement on the resumption of trade in beef -- but nothing firm is yet on paper. According to the US Department of Agriculture American exports could resume as early as the second half of...
20 October 2004
View news from Japan BSE Negotiators Want Magic Fix
JAPAN - Representatives from Japan and the United States will consult in Tokyo on the BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) issue. At the meeting negotiators will discuss issues related to the resumption of mutual trade of U.S. and Japanese beef, based...
19 October 2004
View news from Japan Japan To Have Double Standard On BSE Testing
JAPAN - In a step already under fire from restaurant operators, Japan is now expected to allow shipments of U.S. beef not tested for mad cow disease even while helping domestic localities continue blanket testing, The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported in...
16 October 2004
View news from Japan Japan to continue mad cow tests on all local beef
JAPAN - Japan's local governments will apparently continue to test all domestic cattle for mad cow disease despite the government asking a panel to discuss the possibility of excluding cows aged under 20 months old. Source: Mainichi Daily News...
15 October 2004
View news from Japan Japanese discover 14th case of BSE
JAPAN - four-year old cow found dead in a field in the town of Shikaoi tested positive for BSE, becoming Japan's 14th reported case of BSE. The rest of the herd has been isolated and will be tested, and officials are attempting to trace the feed given...
View news from Japan Japan's Farm, Health Ministries Propose BSE Test-Policy Change
JAPAN - Japan's Agricultural and Health Ministries proposed excluding cattle younger than 20 months old from testing for mad cow disease, a document submitted to the ruling party showed. A change in cattle-testing policy may clear the way for resumption...
13 October 2004
View news from Japan Japan unlikely to end beef ban
JAPAN - Japan is unlikely to resume U.S. beef imports this year because of objections from the country's ruling Liberal Democratic Party, according to a report published Wednesday. Japan's Agriculture and Health ministries have proposed exempting cattle...
08 October 2004
View news from Japan Japan wants more info before easing U.S. mad cow ban
JAPAN - Japan's Agriculture Ministry, considering conditions to resume U.S. beef imports, said on Friday it needs more information on how to tell the age of American cattle, as a U.S. explanation was insufficient. Source: Reuters...
07 October 2004
View news from Japan Beef Ban Losses
JAPAN - Reports from Japan indicate that the loss of U.S. beef imports could have a multi-billion yen effect on the country’s restaurant and retail trade. The UFJ Institute in Japan published a report indicating that if the ban on U.S. imports...
23 September 2004
View news from Japan Japan confirms 13th case of mad cow disease
TOKYO - Japan confirmed its 13th case of mad cow disease Wednesday after a slaughtered Holstein tested positive for the brain-wasting illness, a government food safety official said. The 8-year-old dairy cow in Nara prefecture, or state, was found to...
22 September 2004
View news from Japan Cow tests BSE positive in Nara, Japan
JAPAN - An 8-year-old slaughtered Holstein cow has tested positive in two rounds of mad cow disease inspections at a meat distribution center in Nara Prefecture, the prefectural government said Tuesday. Source: JapanToday...
21 September 2004
View news from Japan Japan eases on BSE testing for all U.S. cattle
JAPAN - Japan has eased its requirements for reopening the country to U.S. beef imports, a move that could help bring back the largest foreign market for the American cattle industry. Source: The Denver Post...
01 September 2004
View news from Japan Groups Want BSE Issue Over
TOKYO - Frustrated by eight months of mad cow stalemate over Japan's ban on U.S. beef and beef product imports, a loosely organized group that includes major U.S. international beef firms and Japanese food service organizations has resorted to a "grass...
21 June 2004
View news from Japan Japan’s BSE demands dividing U.S. cattle industry
JAPAN - Japan’s continued insistence that the U.S. test all cattle for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) at slaughter is creating a divide in the cattle industry. Scientists agree that BSE, commonly called mad cow disease, doesn’t...
10 June 2004
View news from Japan Japan could learn from U.S. food safety problems
JAPAN - The discovery in late December of the first U.S. case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or mad cow disease, has sparked discussions on the integration of U.S. departments and agencies in charge of food safety. Source: Daily Yomiuri...
04 June 2004
View news from Japan Kirin Brewery and Hematech Succeed in Generating BSE Free Human Antibody-producing Cow
TOKYO - Kirin Brewery, as part of its joint project with Hematech LLC to develop a cow that can produce human antibodies, has succeeded in producing a cow fetus in which neither bovine antibody gene1 nor the gene for the prions2 that are the cause of...
01 June 2004
View news from Japan Scientists claim BSE-immune cow
JAPAN - Japanese and US scientists say they have produced a cow that will be immune to mad cow disease, also known as BSE. The cow is due to be born early next year, said Japan's Kirin Brewery which carried out the work with US biotechnology company...
31 May 2004
View news from Japan Brewery produces cow "immune to BSE"
TOKYO - Kirin Brewery, Japan's number-two beer maker, has succeeded in producing a cow that is immune to mad cow disease, but experts said it was too early for livestock producers to celebrate. Kirin officials said on Monday the company had produced...
21 May 2004
View news from Japan U.S., Japan plan more talks to resolve BSE deadlock
TOKYO - Japan and the United States boosted understanding of each other's methods of surveillance and control of mad cow disease, but made no fresh demands at working group talks, officials from both countries said on Wednesday. They were speaking after...
29 April 2004
View news from Japan Infected brains on menu for BSE tests
JAPAN - In an unappetizing experiment, health experts will feed cattle the brains of cows infected with mad cow disease to find an early detection method for the brain-wasting disease, officials said. The National Institute of Animal Health next month...
26 April 2004
View news from Japan Japan Still Wants U.S. Mad Cow Checks After Accord
TOKYO - Japan is sticking to its demand that the United States check all slaughtered cattle for mad cow disease following this weekend's agreement to work to solve the trade dispute, a senior farm ministry official said on Monday. Source: Reuters...
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