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31 August 2018
View news from Japan Bayer launches new tool to further effective and responsible antibiotic use
New digital comparison tool, i-COWNT BRD, helps veterinarians to make more informed treatment decisions for bovine respiratory disease....
29 August 2018
View news from Japan MSD Animal Health introduces “The Science of Prevention” with a record number of abstracts at the 30th World Buiatrics Congress
MSD Animal Health, a division of Merck & Co, today announced a significant number of abstracts (16 oral and 8 poster presentations) to be presented at the World Buiatrics Congress (WBC) in Sapporo, Japan from August 28 – September 1....
View news from Japan Bayer Furthers Cattle Health, Well-being Via Science & Practical Approaches
Bayer reinforces its commitment to enhancing cattle health and management by supporting cattle professionals around the world with scientific education and technological advancements. ...
06 April 2018
View news from Japan Unraveling Immunopathogenesis of Johne's Disease
JAPAN - A research team has unraveled the immunopathogenesis of Johne's disease, a chronic bovine disease that has caused endemics in Japan and many other countries, placing financial burdens on cattle farmers....
29 November 2017
View news from Japan More Japanese Livestock Farmers Using Feed Rice
JAPAN - While consumption of rice has been declining in Japan, the use of feed rice is on the rise, giving added value to livestock products in some regions....
21 September 2017
View news from Japan Mitsui Enters Indonesian Dairy Market to Milk Growing Demand
JAPAN - Mitsui & Co. is getting into the dairy business in Indonesia, where demand for such products is rising along with incomes, through local food producer ABC Group. ...
12 July 2017
View news from Japan EU Free Trade Deal Likely to Hurt Japan’s Dairy Farmers
JAPAN - The economic partnership agreement between the European Union and Japan comes as a corrective to the rising wave of protectionism in the United States and Britain but could deal a blow to Japanese dairy farmers and wineries, experts say....
06 July 2017
View news from Japan Dairy Industry Likely to Get More Aid After EPA Deal with EU
JAPAN - Japan is expected to boost subsidies and other assistance to dairy farmers after reaching a broad accord on its economic partnership agreement with the European Union, informed sources say....
30 June 2017
View news from Japan Image Analysis, Artificial Intelligence to Change Dairy Farming
JAPAN - Dairy farmers are busy with routines such as cleaning cowsheds, milking, and feeding, so it's very difficult to determine the condition of cows. If this continues, they will remain too busy to ensure the quantity and quality of milk and dairy...
08 June 2017
View news from Japan Overcoming Immune Suppression to Fight Against Bovine Leukemia
JAPAN - Bovine leukemia is a systemic, malignant lymphosarcoma in cows which is mainly caused by infection with a retrovirus, bovine leukemia virus (BLV)....
24 May 2017
View news from Japan Dairy Cows Serve as Surrogate Moms for Wagyu Beef Cattle
JAPAN - A start-up in Mie Prefecture is attempting to beef up the breeding of famed "wagyu" cattle through surrogate birthing by Holstein dairy cows in Hokkaido....
02 May 2017
View news from Japan Chinese Corn Returns to Japanese Livestock Farms After 7 Years
JAPAN - Japan imported China-grown corn for livestock feed for the first time since February 2010 in March in order to ease shortages, according to the Japanese Ministry of Finance....
20 February 2017
View news from Japan Japan's Dairy Import Prices Soar Amid Output Cuts
JAPAN - Cheese and butter import prices are climbing as exporting nations in Oceania and Europe curtail production of raw milk, while the yen's weakness against the dollar could eventually have a ripple effect on domestic retail prices....
27 January 2017
View news from Japan Japan's Dairy Prices Bounce Back
JAPAN - International dairy product prices have seen a rebound after farmers in Europe and New Zealand curbed production in the face of price falls in 2015-2016, resulting in an easing of global oversupply....
25 January 2017
View news from Japan Farm in Ex-evacuation Fukushima Area Ships Milk Again
JAPAN - A dairy farm near the disaster-struck Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan began shipping raw milk again yesterday....
23 December 2016
View news from Japan Japanese Group to Sell Stakes in Chinese Farm, Dairy Outfits
JAPAN - Asahi Group Holdings will unload its shares in a dairy company and farm business in China, as it realigns its assets to focus on strategic growth fields....
01 September 2016
View news from Japan More Cows Give Birth at Full Moon
JAPAN - A popular belief that there is a higher number of births around the full moon has been shown to be true for dairy cows by a group of University of Tokyo researchers....
04 December 2014
View news from Japan New Biomin Web Site Now Available in Japanese
JAPAN - Biomin has now launched a Japanese version of the new corporate web site....
22 May 2014
View news from Japan Japanese Cattle Numbers Falling
JAPAN – Japan’s cattle population contracted by 2.5 per cent last year as a range of factors combined to put pressure on farms....
11 November 2013
View news from Japan Message of European Food Quality Heads to Japanese and Koreans
JAPAN – The quality of European agricultural products is being promoted by EU Commission visits to Japan and South Korea this week....
04 November 2013
View news from Japan Water Footprint Guide Announced at Yokohama World Dairy Summit
JAPAN - A method of calculating dairy farming’s water footprint has been revealed at the World Dairy Summit by conference organisers, the International Dairy Federation (IDF)....
22 April 2013
View news from Japan NFU Hails WFO Trade Policy Adoption
JAPAN - National Farmers Union (NFU) is applauding the World Farmers Organisation (WFO) for adopting its first policy on international trade. The historic policy was adopted during the WFO’s third General Assembly in Niigata, Japan this week....
22 March 2013
View news from Japan Japan Sets Eyes on Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations
JAPAN - Trade talks this week have shown the emerging desire of the Japanese government to join in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)....
28 January 2013
View news from Japan Japan Agrees to Further Open Market to US Beef
ANALYSIS – Japan and the United States have agreed on a new deal which should pave the way for expanded exports of US beef and beef products to Japan, writes Sarah Mikesell, TheCattleSite senior editor....
11 September 2012
View news from Japan Farms Represent Sources of Environmental Zinc, Copper
JAPAN - Because of the large number of animals kept on most pig farms, such units are considered to represent a significant point source of zinc in bodies of water, according to researchers at the National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences. They...
27 April 2012
View news from Japan Japan Remains Composed but Vigilant on BSE Issue
JAPAN - In the Japanese wholesale market this week interest in US beef was reportedly steady, with supermarkets and restaurants in Japan continuing to sell the US beef, despite the recent announcement by the United States Department of Agriculture of...
13 October 2011
View news from Japan Now Available In Japanese
JAPAN - Biomin has now launched a Japanese version of the corporate web site....
13 July 2011
View news from Japan Radiation Found in Japanese Cattle
JAPAN - Elevated levels of radioactive cesium have been detected in a herd of cattle from Fukushima prefecture. ...
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