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12 July 2017
View news from Colombia Colombia Reports Two Outbreaks of FMD in Cundinamarca
COLOMBIA - The Colombian veterinary authorities have reported two further outbreaks of Food and Mouth Disease (FMD) at cattle farms located in Cundinamarca....
06 July 2017
View news from Colombia FMD Investigation in Colombia Ongoing; No New Outbreaks Reported
COLOMBIA - The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) reports that no further outbreaks of foot and mouth disease have been reported. However, the investigation is ongoing....
07 July 2016
View news from Colombia Researchers Solve Mouse Milk Allergy with Dead Bacteria
ARGENTINA - Scientists have managed to reverse allergic reactions in mice to allergens from cows milk, in experiments using dead beneficial micro-organisms....
03 December 2015
View news from Colombia Colombia to Import Breeding Cattle from US
COLOMBIA - Colombia's Agricultural Institute (ICA) has authorised imports of breeding cattle from the US, in an effort to improve the competitiveness of the cattle sector....
15 October 2015
View news from Colombia Canada Authorises Colombian Dairy Imports
CANADA - After five years of efforts from Colombia, Canada's Food Inspection Agency has authorised the import of Colombian milk products....
18 September 2015
View news from Colombia Colombians Subsidise Sorghum to Beat El Nino
COLOMBIA – Colombia’s ministry of Agriculture hopes planting a new sorghum variety will bolster forage reserves through peak drought conditions around the New Year....
26 May 2015
View news from Colombia Government Addresses Seasonal Milk Oversupply
COLOMBIA – Policy measures have been taken in Colombia to address “high peak” summer production and further hardship for dairy producers....
21 April 2015
View news from Colombia Colombia Closer to Bovine Brucellosis Eradication
COLOMBIA - The Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) delivered a total of 900 certificates to farms that met the requirements to be recognised as free of bovine brucellosis....
31 March 2015
View news from Colombia Minimum Milk Price From Colombian Government
COLOMBIA – The country’s dairy sector has agreed on a formula to determine a minimum price for milk at the farm gate....
18 February 2015
View news from Colombia Stocking Boost for Colombian Region
COLOMBIA – Colombia’s traceability drive will be accompanied by a cattle repopulation programme, says a national farm body....
13 February 2015
View news from Colombia 2.5 Million Colombian Cattle to Be Traceable by 2016
COLOMBIA – A national cattle traceability programme is reigniting efforts to expand its database with a view to ship more bovine product overseas....
02 January 2015
View news from Colombia Colombia Invests in Bovine TB-Free Certification
COLOMBIA - The Colombian Agricultural Institute, ICA, and the Government of Santander, through the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, has signed a $1,200 million agreement to certify farms free from bovine tuberculosis in 10 municipalities...
10 November 2014
View news from Colombia Colombian Rabies Vaccination a Must, Says Government
COLOMBIA – Cattle farmers who have not vaccinated stock against rabies are being urged to do so during the country’s second foot and mouth disease treatment cycle....
05 November 2014
View news from Colombia Colombia Getting on Board With Embryo Transfer
COLOMBIA – Livestock technicians in Colombia are getting on board with the latest techniques and insights in cattle breeding....
04 November 2014
View news from Colombia Colombian Rabies Outbreak Prompts Vaccination Plea
COLOMBIA – Colombian farmers in the south east of the country are being advised to vaccinate livestock following a rabies flare up....
23 September 2014
View news from Colombia Funding Package Hopes to Specialise Colombian Milk
COLOMBIA – Colombian dairy farming is to have its technical assistance strengthened to the tune of 6 billion pesos, says the Ministry of Agriculture....
View news from Colombia Colombians Making Progress With TB, Brucellosis
COLOMBIA – A subsidized cattle screening programme in the central department of Huila has confirmed that bovine tuberculosis (bTB) and Brucellosis are being controlled....
02 September 2014
View news from Colombia No Colombian Milk Shortage, Says Livestock Group
COLOMBIA – A farm body has played down milk shortage concerns, adding that milk production has fallen slightly amid drought conditions....
22 August 2014
View news from Colombia Colombia's Cattle ID Plans Progressing
COLOMBIA – National efforts to bring full traceability across Colombia’s 24 million cattle herd are ahead of schedule....
13 August 2014
View news from Colombia Colombian Efforts Mount Against TB, Brucellosis
COLOMBIA – Advances are being made in delivering a tuberculosis and brucellosis ‘free’ programme to a southern region of the country, says the Colombian Agricultural Institute....
01 August 2014
View news from Colombia Argentina Accepts Colombian Cattle Semen
COLOMBIA – A formal go-ahead has been given for the passage of frozen Colombian cattle and bull semen imports by Argentinian authorities....
25 June 2014
View news from Colombia Colombians Extend FMD, Brucellosis Vaccination
COLOMBIA – An extension has been granted for vaccination periods for foot and mouth disease and brucellosis in five rural departments of Colombia....
12 June 2014
View news from Colombia Vets Meet to Strengthen BSE Control Efforts
COLOMBIA – Some of South America’s foremost cattle veterinarians assembled in Santa Marta last week to discuss control protocols for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)....
03 June 2014
View news from Colombia Colombia and New Zealand In $7 Billion Dairy Agreement
COLOMBIA – A cooperation agreement between Colombia and New Zealand will see seven billion dollars invested into Colombia’s dairy sector....
29 April 2014
View news from Colombia Farmers to Receive Discount Cattle Feed As Drought Measure
COLOMBIA – An emergency initiative is offering farmers cattle feed at almost third below market value to ranchers in Colombia's drought hit regions....
28 April 2014
View news from Colombia Scientists Working on New Clearer IBR Vaccine
COLOMBIA – A team of microbiologists at the United Nations is working on a vaccine for infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) that could clear up complications in monitoring the disease....
19 February 2014
View news from Colombia Colombia Seeks Dairy Cooperation With Europe
COLOMBIA – A request has been sent by the Colombian ministry of agriculture to the European Commission to establish production patterns that will facilitate dairy trading....
22 January 2014
View news from Colombia Hardy Buffalo Herd is 'Production Advantage' For Colombia
COLOMBIA – Data shows Colombia has a productive advantage as the third Buffalo farming country in South America, says the Colombian Livestock Federation....
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