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11 October 2017
GenoTube Offers Extended Life for Diagnostic Samples
ANALYSIS - Looking for a better way to collect and deliver diagnostic samples to the laboratory? Thermo Fisher Scientific's GenoTube is a non-invasive nasal swab for collection of DNA or RNA from animals. ...
08 May 2017
Church & Dwight Acquires Agro BioSciences
GLOBAL - Church & Dwight Co., Inc., the parent company of Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition, is pleased to announce today it has acquired Agro BioSciences™, Inc. of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. ...
26 April 2017
Allflex Promotes Chuck Rogers to Northwest Regional Manager
US - Allflex USA, part of the Allflex Group, global leader in animal identification and traceability systems, today announced the promotion of Chuck Rogers to Northwest Regional Manager. ...
07 February 2017
New Flexible Sample Prep Solution Provides Consistent Performance While Saving Time, Money
Diagnostic labs are constantly searching for more effective sample preparation solutions that can adapt to their quickly evolving business and numerous testing requirements. To meet this need, Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced the MagMAX CORE Nucleic...
12 October 2016
Chilean Dairy Installs World's Largest Robot System
CHILE – Fundo El Risquillo, a Chilean dairy operaton with 6,500 cows, has signed an agreement to install 64 Voluntary Milking System (VMS™) milking robots from DeLaval to become the world's largest robotic dairy farm....
07 October 2016
50th World Dairy Expo: A Surprise, Collegiate Judging Winners & Photos
ANALYSIS - The 50th World Dairy Expo kicked off on Tuesday, October 4 with an Opening Ceremony that included a surprise reveal at the Alliant Energy Center. ...
08 July 2016
Average Global Dairy Farm Looks Different Than You Might Think
ANALYSIS - As of 2015, there are about 121 million dairy farmers around the world. When you think about why dairy and government policy are so closely linked, it’s because so many people are involved in milk production globally, said Torsten Hemme,...
18 May 2016
Got Dairy? A Look at Dairy Consumption Trends
ANALYSIS - The local grocery store recently remodelled. The most obvious change was increased real estate in the dairy sections, specifically cheese and yoghurt. ...
11 May 2016
How Are US Dairy Operations Impacting Water Quality?
ANALYSIS - The tremendous increase in productivity and efficiency in the US dairy industry has also come with an array of negative environmental impacts that are a major challenge from a sustainability perspective, reports Sarah Mikesell, live from the...
03 May 2016
CoBank: US Dairy Producers Bolster Margins through Genetics
ANALYSIS - Due to the record-high beef prices in 2014-15, calf and cull cow sales provided a significant boost to dairies' margins, but this bonanza has ended, and dairies are looking to genetics to bolster their margins, according to CoBank's latest...
28 April 2016
Research: Chelated Zn, Cu, Mn Improve Lameness in Dairy Cows
ANALYSIS - Not only is lameness a crucial welfare issue on modern dairies, incidence of lameness can result in serious economic losses to dairy producers, writes Heather Tucker, PhD, Research Scientist in Ruminant Nutrition at Novus International. ...
03 March 2016
Rabobank: Economies of Scale Make Big Dairies Bigger in US
ANALYSIS - Economies of scale drive the profitability of large US dairy farms, leading Rabobank to believe dairy consolidating will not only continue but will encourage producers and process alike to consider how this impacts their businesses. ...
26 October 2015
Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef to Discuss Global Indicators, Equivalency, Antibiotics
ANALYSIS – The Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) is set to meet this week to discuss global indicators, equivalency and antibiotics....
06 October 2015
New Fonterra Palm Kernel Advice is “Lead Balloon”
NEW ZEALAND – Reasons behind greater scrutiny on palm kernel use sweeping into Fonterra farms have become less clear, says a farming leader....
10 September 2015
Dairy Crash Makes Heat Detection Vital for New Zealanders
NEW ZEALAND – Severely tested New Zealand dairy businesses are being told to focus on heat detection to keep breeding costs in check....
21 August 2015
Supplement Feed Myth Debunked By Senior Scientist
NEW ZEALAND - Supplementing pasture-based diets does not boost milk production to the level many New Zealanders expect, according to an expert dispelling the 100g milksolids to kilo dry matter “myth”....
27 July 2015
Don’t Be the Last Cow Out of the Parlour
AUSTRALIA - Cows last into pasture from the milking parlour could be regularly eating “markedly” lower quality grass, says Australian research....
07 July 2015
Have You Been Feeling the Heat?
UK - With temperatures soaring to over 30°C in some parts of the country this week, think to yourself, how are the cattle coping?...
23 June 2015
Livestock Event: Reducing Threat of Mastitis and Antibiotic Use
ANALYSIS - The blanket use of antibiotics in dry cow management to prevent mastitis and other udder problems has been common for many years....
19 June 2015
Feed Management Limiting Asian Dairy Producers
ANALYSIS – Tropical dairy production is expanding rapidly but key improvements in farm management are required for small holders to become more profitable....
17 June 2015
New Zealand to Include BCS in Breeding Values
NEW ZEALAND – A benchmarking system ranking New Zealand dairy cows on the economics of their genetic merit will include body condition score (BCS) from February 2016....
15 June 2015
Arm & Hammer's R&D Takes Animal Nutrition Products to Next Level
ANALYSIS - Post-acquisition of Vi-COR, Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition is focused on research, the product pipeline and education efforts. ...
09 June 2015
Poland's Agriculture Industry: Pig Production Down, Dairy Booming
ANALYSIS - Poland's agriculture industry is seeing farm size expansion and one of the questions looming is whether the industry should support larger, progressive farmers or smallholders. Karol Bujoczek, editor of Top Agrar Polska, speaks to 5m at World...
02 June 2015
Large Herd Does Not Mean Worse Cow Welfare
AUSTRALIA – There is no evidence that larger herd size means compromised cow welfare, a study of Australian dairy farms has shown....
18 May 2015
Help Needed to Solve Teat Removing Condition
UK - An English veterinarian is calling for help to unravel a mystery condition in dairy cattle that can result in cattle physically removing their own teats - in extreme cases all four teats....
05 May 2015
Robot Cow Herders Offer Opportunity for Milking Robots
AUSTRALIA - Moving cows with auto-herding techniques could maximise productivity in robotic systems, early Australian research indicates....
01 May 2015
Seasonality of Milk Production: Does Size Matter?
US – Seasonality of milk production tends to be greater on smaller farms, a study of Florida dairies has shown....
23 April 2015
Beating BVD Rests on Persistently Infected Calf
ANALYSIS - The persistently infected (PI) calf is at the epicentre of solving the bovine viral diarrhea issue. ...
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