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20 October 2017
Iran's Dairy Exports to Hit $1B
IRAN - Iran is one of the top milk producers and has ambitious plans to grab a bigger share of the global milk and dairy market....
13 September 2017
FeverTags Expands Team to Maximize Use of Novel Temperature Verification Technology
GLOBAL - FeverTags® LLC welcomes Jeff Baxter to its growing team of bovine professionals. Baxter joins the company as Global Sales and Marketing Manager....
12 January 2017
New Approach to Mastitis ‘Almost Halves’ Farmer’s Antibiotic Costs
UK - At a recent event hosted on Bryn Jones’ farm near Oswestry local farmers heard how AHDB Dairy’s Mastitis Control Plan had helped him to significantly reduce the rate of new clinical mastitis cases and reduce antibiotic use across his 800-cow...
12 October 2016
Chilean Dairy Installs World's Largest Robot System
CHILE – Fundo El Risquillo, a Chilean dairy operaton with 6,500 cows, has signed an agreement to install 64 Voluntary Milking System (VMS™) milking robots from DeLaval to become the world's largest robotic dairy farm....
10 October 2016
Antibiotics Could be Cut By Up to a Third, say Dairy Farmers
UK - Nine in 10 dairy farmers say that over the next five years they could cut their own antibiotic use by almost a third in dry cow therapy and a fifth in clinical mastitis, according to a RABDF survey. ...
21 September 2016
Selective Dry Cow Therapy - Is It Right for Your Dairy?
ANALYSIS - Dr Pamela Ruegg, extension milk quality veterinarian for the University of Wisconsin-Madison, speaks about new concepts in the use of dry cow therapy, especially the concept of selective dry cow therapy....
19 July 2016
Research Identifies Targets for Improved Mastitis Diagnostics
UK - Scientists from the University of Glasgow and the Moredun Research Institute have published data from a comprehensive analysis of the changes that occur in milk during mastitis caused by a bacterial infection of the udder....
12 February 2016
Training Becomes Critical as More Dairy Farms Adopt Selective Dry Cow Therapy
UK - Training in the correct procedures around drying off and in teat sealant administration will be critically important as the number of UK dairy farms adopting selective dry cow therapy protocols increases....
22 January 2016
Long-Term Dairy Prospects Remain Strong, Report Says
US - Despite a sustained downturn in global dairy markets, a new US Dairy Export Council (USDEC) analysis forecasts that the fundamentals driving long-range global dairy trade demand remain positive through to 2020....
18 September 2015
No Cow Comfort Threat from Large Dairies, Say Australians
AUSTRALIA – Increasing herd size does not necessarily imply stretched farms keeping unhappy cows but it does bring risk factors, according to a PhD study on Australian units....
26 August 2015
Humans Carry More Superbugs than Cows
SOUTH AFRICA - Antimicrobial resistance of a common farmyard bacteria has been shown to be far more common in humans than animals....
17 July 2015
British Milking Cluster Company Becoming Global
GLOBAL – A milk equipment provider famed for automating the post-milking routine is now operating in 23 countries as it passes its tenth birthday....
25 June 2015
How to Replace, Reduce and Refine Antibiotics On Farm
ANALYSIS – Pressure is mounting on the animal health industry to reduce, replace and refine the usage of certain antimicrobial medicines, writes Michael Priestley....
23 June 2015
Livestock Event: Reducing Threat of Mastitis and Antibiotic Use
ANALYSIS - The blanket use of antibiotics in dry cow management to prevent mastitis and other udder problems has been common for many years....
18 June 2015
Dairy Mastitis Control Plan May Help Save 2-3 Pence Per Litre
UK - Embracing a mastitis control plan can save as much as 3 pence per litre, according to UK levy board AHDB Dairy. ...
17 June 2015
Small-scale Dairies Have Same Welfare Factors
EU – Factors affecting cow welfare on small-scale dairy farms are no different from other systems, a European Food Safety Authority report has concluded. ...
03 June 2015
New Zealand Mastitis Vaccine Trial Yields “Positive” Results
NEW ZEALAND – A mastitis vaccine tried and tested in Europe is having an effect under New Zealand conditions....
05 May 2015
Robot Cow Herders Offer Opportunity for Milking Robots
AUSTRALIA - Moving cows with auto-herding techniques could maximise productivity in robotic systems, early Australian research indicates....
01 May 2015
Tailor Dry Cow Therapy to Individuals, Industry Told
UK - Dry cow therapy should be tailored to individual animals, not at herd level, new industry guidelines on antibiotic usage have advised....
12 November 2014
EUROTIER – New Milking Teat to Reduce Mastitis
GERMANY - The design of the teat liner in milking machines can help to reduce incidence of mastitis....
01 September 2014
CID LINES Supports National Mastitis Council
BELGIUM – Animal health company CID LINES has partnered the National Mastitis Council in its first meet outside the US....
25 August 2014
Summer Mastitis Risk Highlighted
AUSTRIA – Increased pressure from mastitis through summer months can be tackled with cow cooling equipment, Austrian dairy farmers are being advised....
08 August 2014
National Mastitis Council Held in Belgium
BELGIUM - The annual National Mastitis Council Regional Meeting has been held at the University of Ghent in Belgium. ...
10 June 2014
Outcome Measures Drive Producer Profitability, Sustainable Practices
ANALYSIS - Farmers are seeing the value of switching to outcome measures to increase profitability as part of building on their sustainable farming practices. ...
21 May 2014
Milking Equipment Not Checked Enough, Farmers Warned
AUSTRIA – Properly maintained milking machines can safeguard udder health if certain checks are taken, Austrian farmers are being told....
10 April 2014
Austrians Link Dairy Robots with Higher Somatic Cell Counts
AUSTRIA – Converting to modern robotic milking systems is being accompanied by increases in somatic cell counts (SCC) on Austrian farms, says the Agricultural Chamber....
08 January 2014
New Zealander Reveals Low Mastitis Rate
NEW ZEALAND – The mastitis rate in New Zealand is less than half of the USA and a quarter of the UK average....
22 November 2013
Daily Dairy Trading: Butter and Blocks Higher, Thursday
US – A fairly inactive trading spot market continued on Thursday, although bids left Butter and Cheddar Blocks higher at the close....
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