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Originally Posted by Rena
Hi handsomenaqvi,
First I would like to say, don't 'milk' anymore out. Each time you do this you open a 'preset' plug that protects the inside of the udder from bacteria and can eventually cause your girl to get mastitis (as bacteria enters very easily once you open the teat. It can take up to 20 minutes for the sphincter to reclose once you open it).

As the udder fills and if there is edema, it is normal for capillaries to burst and cause a 'red' blood look to the milk. This will be remedied once your girl is lactating and her udder is getting 'into the swing' of things.

Please tell of the medicines that you have used, the treatments and durations that you have used them for as well as when you last used them. <include the names>

Just kinda watch from a distance for now, Ok? I'm sure she'll do just fine.


Ummmmmmmmm not to be rude or anything but this cow already probably has mastitis and in one of the posts he said his vet even said it was bacterial. Why the vet didnt advise of how to treat it was beyond me. Perhaps they were lazy who knows. Alot of vets dont like to get dirty they like to stay in their climate controlled office and work on small animals.
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