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Hi Handsomenqvi,
Welcome to the forum !
Now, you ain't going to like this but please, if your cow has not calved yet do not milk her or otherwise touch her udder !
It is quite usual for a cows udder to become engorged and turgid before calving [it's called "Oedema"] and this will correct itself within a few weeks.
Because of the great pressure in the udder at this time it's also quite usual for a few small blood vessels to rupture and turn the milk a pink colour.
It is important not to milk a cow before calving because the cows first milk contains antibodies [known as 'Colostrum'] which are vital to the calf and which will supply it with immunity to any local bacteria or other pathogens.
By milking your cow before she has calved you run the risk of denying your future calf this colostrum and it's importance to protect it from disease.
Good luck !
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