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Originally Posted by melka
I have a calf who was born blind his eyes seem to have like blisters (they appear cloudy) they're on the iris's they are full of fluid. When he was first born his whites were very blood shot. I have taken vet advice he has never seen this before, he as been on antibiotics and I have just used eye ointment that the vet gave me.
Over the last few days his eyes have been weeping. Has anyone ever seen this before.
I found him in the creek his mother had left him. He is a big healthy calf apart from his eyes.
I have pictures I will have to try and get them off of my phone to post.
He is one week now I thought I may have seen some improvement but there hasn't really been any.

Vet has never seen this before? I would be finding me another vet. If both eyes are weeping then more than likely it is IBR. It does not normally affect the irises like pinkeye does but if both eyes are weeping I would say good chance of IBR as pinkeye rarely if ever causes both eyes to weep at the same time.
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