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Originally Posted by handsomenaqvi
I am not sure if this is an emergency or not.... cow is due to calve any time and I have periodically gone over and checked her teats and bag. Tonight there was blood spray.Have I hurt her is this a sign of something else?the udder and teats becomes hard...and i have to milk them to release the blood...i wanna know that Has she kicked her bag and broken some blood vessel?or is this common during pregnancy?Should we be concerned?
i have tried many medicines...but the results are same please help me...i am worried about the cow.....doctors said that it is a bacterial disease but .......the blood still comes out while milking please halp me and tell me a good medicine to cure this disease
thanks in advance

Sounds like mastitis to me. Or even teet tumors as those are the only times I have seen blood in the milk of cows. Now you have probably killed the calf because depending on how much you have milked her she may have no colostrum left for the calf if this is the case the calf is twice as likely to die and more than likely will if it gets no colostrum. Meddlers with mother nature do more harm than good. Take some meds called today (Yes that is the name of the med) and infuse directly into the teat.

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