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Default I am afraid to eat beef now: Because of worms??

Please help me out here. I am from Sri Lanka. I eat beef alot and love it.

Due to aggressive campaigns by vegetarians I have come across this: That beef cantains worms. Even the thought made me cringe.

I read in Google about this: Looks like it is true. Lots of type of woms like tapeworm and ring worms infect humans through beef. I am really disgusted that meat can contain worms like the earthworms crawling inside the meat.
Just imagine when we cut the meat we cut these worms and cook them and eat them also.

It also says that there could be lavae too small in meat and also worms too small to see in meat. I still find disgusting the notion that I eat worms and lave with the meat.

What is the truth in this???

How serious is the problem. How do we check if the meat contains lave or worms when we buy from the market?
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