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Hi Rena!
Sorry for the delayed reply. Been a busy summer and fall.
I bought boot trays (those plastic trays that look like large cookie sheets) at the Dollar Store, had hubby build a frame for them...drilled holes in one end and put the trays at a slight incline so the water would drain out. My set up is 4 trays wide and 5 trays tall. I soak the grains for 12 hours before they go to the sprouter system. So they are 6 days old. I'd like to get a more professional set up going this winter so I can grow them 7 or 8 days and get better growth. We do fine with what we have, but after a year of doing this, I'd like to move up to the next level.
My animals are doing VERY well on it and it is not only less expensive than traditional grain, but MUCH more nutritious.
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