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@ Rena: Deacon Calves are bull calves who have been taken straight off their mother after birth and sent to auction. Usually they get the colostrum from the first milk, but the stress from being seperated from Mama and sent to the auction usually make whatever immunity they might have developed unusable. The best way to try and raise Deacon's are with a few, usually three or so, at a time, so they won't be lonely and it won't be so hard if you lose one. We've had a lot of heartbreak with Deacon's, but a lot of luck too, so don't be discouraged to give it a try!

@Rhodie: Oh, so that's what it means! Thank you. I was thinking about doing the Deacons as starting calves for someone who wants to have steers for meat, maybe calves for 4-H kids, because I used to be involved a local group and there might be a place for 4-H calves at another local group.

Gotta help that next generation!
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