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Hi Thomas,
Welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of cowcare !
I really would advise that you find the name/address of your nearest agricultural college and see if they have any full/part-time courses that would suit you.
I grew up with cows so it was all pretty easy for me but if you have no prior experience you will have all sorts of problems trust me.
Keeping cows is not like keeping a pet it is a whole new ball-game and not one to go into without learning the basics first as you seem keen to do.
You might like to also try a local farmer and offer to work part-time for free which would be invaluable experience and help you decide if this is really a future you want for your self.
Seven days a week, 365 days a year there is no time off believe me, you will be out at night calving cows and will be so tired yet still have more to do and in all weathers.
If you still wish to proceed I wish you all the very best,please let us know how you do !
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