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Default Beginner Cattle Farmer

Hi Everyone. I have been all over the search engines and can't seem to find a single forum site that is for the beginning cattle farmer. I want to get into beefers during my first year and consider raising calves thereafter. Even with friends and research, I don't feel ready to undertake this operation without more help. I simply don't know all the terminology and requirements for handling cattle. Sure, i could wing it and probably do OK, but I'd prefer not to make a bunch of mistakes in the beginning. Could someone please point me in the direction of a website or book that would give me a leg up? I'd really like a resource with information on medications and equipment needed/advised for a beginner. I've already talked with my local FSA office, and they are willing to help me get going with an operation. I just feel I need to know more about that operation from the ground up.

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