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Question Buying the right cows? and were?

Hi All

You don't know me but I read many answers you all sent in on this site on milking cows and hope you can help me.

I am 40 yrs old and have an friend in Romania who has a dairy farm, a very small one, he only has 5 milk cows, But he has room for about 75. I want to invest and buy about 40 calves milking ones. I want to buy them at a very early age maybe 6 to 8 months old so that it will give me time to set up the equipment required to milk them on his farm.

My question is were do I go to buy this many calves and what would be a good price to pay for them?

Is there a bread you recommend?

Jersey and the Holstein are most popular in the UK. But Less familiar breeds might include the Dexter, the Dutch Belted, the Ayrshire, the Guernsey, and the Milking Shorthorn. Which one of these do you recommend?

I know that these are trade secrets and not many milk dairies are forthcoming with answers,so please if you can help in any way I really would appreciate it. Its not like I'm going to be a treat to anyone in Romania

Thank You
Kind Regards

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