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BecM May 2nd, 2011 04:13

Worrying news...
"Abortion Parasite Found In SA Cattle Herds

A parasite that is a major cause of miscarriage in cattle, sheep and goats worldwide may be present in one third of South Australia's cattle herds, according to new research from the University of Adelaide." from the news desk on this site.

A worry for all cattle and dairy producers across the globe...does anyone have any first hand experience of this organism?


Rhodie May 3rd, 2011 17:37

Do you know what the parasite is called? vibriosis is common in some countries but can be controlled through various means such as 100% AI to prevent infection of uninfected heifers.

BecM May 5th, 2011 15:01

Neospora caninum. Not one I have heard of before...

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