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Buncolby October 29th, 2009 15:49

The Role of the Producer
I am doing a project on the role of the producer in regard to meat quality, from the "farm gate to consumer plate".
What does everyone think the role of the producer is? Is it important? It is a fact that the farmer only influences 20% of the meat quality, the other 80% being from transport to the abatoir to cutting, hanging, etc. Following this, does the producer really have an influence?
Thank you

Rhodie October 30th, 2009 20:22

There are a number of considerations for the farmer, some dictated by the target market. The breed of choice will make a difference, British breeds such as Aberdeen Angus and Hereford are recognised as having well marbled carcases especially if "finished" with grain. The Continental breeds such as Simmental, are known for having heavier, lean carcases. There are demands for both grass finished and grain fed beef,with niche markets for organic produced. Handling also has an effect on beef quality, animals which are raised in a quiet controlled environment will be less stressed generally, and be less tough when processed.

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