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mprop70 June 7th, 2011 09:22

I am afraid to eat beef now: Because of worms??
Please help me out here. I am from Sri Lanka. I eat beef alot and love it.

Due to aggressive campaigns by vegetarians I have come across this: That beef cantains worms. Even the thought made me cringe.

I read in Google about this: Looks like it is true. Lots of type of woms like tapeworm and ring worms infect humans through beef. I am really disgusted that meat can contain worms like the earthworms crawling inside the meat.
Just imagine when we cut the meat we cut these worms and cook them and eat them also.

It also says that there could be lavae too small in meat and also worms too small to see in meat. I still find disgusting the notion that I eat worms and lave with the meat.

What is the truth in this???

How serious is the problem. How do we check if the meat contains lave or worms when we buy from the market?

Rhodie June 7th, 2011 21:08

Firstly, ringworm is not a worm but a fungal infection of the skin found in all animals and humans if the spores are contracted from an outside source such as straw.
Cystircercus is the prescence of tape worm eggs in meat, they are large and easily seen, meat inspectors at registered abattoirs are trained to locate these and detain the meat for veterinary inspection and possible condemnation. These eggs can be destroyed by freezing or cooking the meat through. There is a chance of contracting salmonella, e-coli, mould toxins are just a few infections found in vegitables, but we cannot be scared into not eating, if you buy food from sources where no health inspections take place, just cook everything well, and any bacteria or parasites will be destroyed, I lived most of my life in remote parts of Africa and never contracted any diseases, just by washing fruit and raw vegitables well, and cooked all meat and other vegitables well enough to make them safe!! Eat what you enjoy and ignor those with their own self-serving agendas.

mprop70 June 8th, 2011 05:49

Hi, Thank you for your answers.

I want to emphasize one thing. I understand than cooking will kill the works and other parasites and eggs. I knew this even before I posted this.

My concern is the fact that you are actually eating worms and eggs even though they are cooked.

Could there be earthworms like worms inside the meat we don't know of that is cooked and we eat them??

Tapeworms grow to over a foot. So I am thinking in our steak chunk we could be actually roasting a tapeworm and eating the darn thing???? :eek:

Rhodie June 8th, 2011 20:40

A tapeworm lives in the intestines of the host, you cannot get a live worm in the meat, eggs or cysts of parasites are generally rare in meat, and are are one of the most important health risks looked for by meat inspectors and state veterinarians. Live worms are found in fruit and vegetables (including caterpillars) so again, if I were worried about live parasites, it would be from vegetables, not meat.

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