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WindFarmAnalyst January 21st, 2010 12:43

If you have land you think might be suitable for a wind farm please get in touch!
With the uncertainties surrounding today’s rural economy landowners are increasingly looking for ways to diversify the use of their land. Harnessing the wind for energy production offers excellent means of doing this and is already helping to provide a more secure future for the agricultural industry.

Landowners who provide land for wind farms receive a rental income for the life of the project which can either be fixed or linked either to the amount of energy generated or the price obtained from selling it.

Wind energy is becoming increasingly important and by 2020 is forecast to be meeting over 20% of the UK’s electricity needs. This will require a four-fold increase in the number of onshore wind farms and, while a growing number of projects are now in development, many more are needed.

If you are a landowner and believe your property may be suitable for a wind farm we would be please to carry out an initial feasibility study for you (without obligation) and then make detailed commercial proposals to take a potential project forward.

All work is carried out entirely at our financial risk and any costs your incur, for example in negotiating legal agreements, would be reimbursed so as to remove any downside risks.

If you would like to discuss the potential of your land for a wind farm, please contact us at the addresses:

Development Team (England & Wales)
Coriolis Energy LLP
22-24 King Street

Development Team (Scotland & Ireland)
Coriolis Energy LLP
Suite 3.4 Forsyth House
111 Union Street
G1 3TA

Further information is also available on our web-site:

tekvin August 27th, 2011 10:54

By reading this post I have understood the advantages of having wind farm. I have a farm in Montezuma County, Colorado. I am planning to build a wind mill in my farm so that I can find an alternative for my farm's energy source. Can you please mention whether you have service in our area? If yes I am really interested and will contact you as fast as I could. Also I would like to know about the expenses and the time period that require finishing the work.

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