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a404yngr September 26th, 2007 16:44

Buying the right cows? and were?
Hi All

You don't know me but I read many answers you all sent in on this site on milking cows and hope you can help me.

I am 40 yrs old and have an friend in Romania who has a dairy farm, a very small one, he only has 5 milk cows, But he has room for about 75. I want to invest and buy about 40 calves milking ones. I want to buy them at a very early age maybe 6 to 8 months old so that it will give me time to set up the equipment required to milk them on his farm.

My question is were do I go to buy this many calves and what would be a good price to pay for them?

Is there a bread you recommend?

Jersey and the Holstein are most popular in the UK. But Less familiar breeds might include the Dexter, the Dutch Belted, the Ayrshire, the Guernsey, and the Milking Shorthorn. Which one of these do you recommend?

I know that these are trade secrets and not many milk dairies are forthcoming with answers,so please if you can help in any way I really would appreciate it. Its not like I'm going to be a treat to anyone in Romania

Thank You
Kind Regards


Rhodie November 24th, 2007 15:03

Hello Ryan, while I am not a dairy farmer, a few details might help in your getting answers. Are you intending buying in the UK and exporting to Romania? have you looked into the import/export protcols involved in doing so? What is the market for the milk - fresh milk sales or processing eg: for cheese production, this will have a bearing on breed choice, as will production system, milking from grass or intensive feeding?
For sheer volume from concentrated feeds, Holstein is the choice, high solids (cream) Channel island breeds such as Jersey and Gurnsey are good choices, milking from a predominantly grass forage system will give a choice of breeds such as Shorthorn and Danish Reds, but they need to be sourced from herds already milking on a grass forage system.
I hopr this helps, your answers might solicit more information from more knowledgeable sources.

happyheifer April 18th, 2009 10:36

Hi Ryan,

I am a herd manager on a big dairy in south Australia. We milk holstein but I have worked with other breeds. Really it depends on what you want from the cows. Is the milk going raw to a processor or will it be processed on farm for cheese for example? It really does depend! Jersey and Guernsey have the highest milk solids followed by Ayreshire. I am not sure about shorthorn I am afraid. Generally Holstein have a lower milk solid, but have the potential to produce more milk if fed (and bred) correctly.

As far as choosing the right calves - whatever breed you go with- you want big,lively healthy looking calves. Shiny smooth coats, clean backsides (no diahhroea) clear eyes without discharge, and for dairy calves when you watch them walk from behind, make sure their back legs dont cross "model style" when they walk. They will be a pain to milk! The best advice I can really give you though is to speak with a local dairy farmer and if possible get him to go to a cattle market with you. There is nothing like local wisdom to help you pick the best animals.

Good luck

InternationalCommerce August 26th, 2010 10:32

How To Buy Cows from Romania
I'm searching a seller to give me an amount equivalent to 500 calves destined for fattening imported from Romania to Tunisia. So, please, how i can find or how I can search this seller in Romania. There Are, on the web, some web-sites where i can search more information about this business?

The Cows characteristics are:

Gender: Male;

Weight: between 250 and 280 kg;

Age: about 6 months or 1 month after weaning;

Breed: Charolais, Hereford or 3B (Belgian Blue);

Prophylaxis: Vaccination according to international standards.

muhammadfarms1 March 6th, 2013 13:20

Buy the cows?
please tell me the requirements to open a dairy farm and also tell me where to buy buy the best cows

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