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SusCowgirl July 3rd, 2007 12:36

Bad Swollen Cut Foot
I thought my old wild cow had foot rot. She was laying around a lot, and couldn't put weight on her foot. We finally got her to the chute and gave her antibiotics and drenched her foot. It was really swollen & cut badly between her toes and up around the outside of her hoof. It wasn't getting better so we got her back to the barn to feed & watch her foot. A couple of days ago I noticed it bleeding at the top of her hoof & where the cut was, at the top & around the outside of her foot, what we thought was a scab, looked shinny. Her foot was dirty from wet weather. We darted her and discovered she had a thick heavy rubber o-ring of some kind, embedded between her toes and it had cut deeply, almost cutting one side of her hoof off. We removed it and washed, drenched with peroxide, and sprayed with cut heal. Also gave her more antibiotics. It's healing on top of her foot but is still swollen and doesn't look like it's doing good on bottom. I'm sure it's muddy and dirty. We have no place to keep her out of the dirt, and it's been pretty wet from rain. Any suggestions of what we could doctor it with?

Rhodie July 4th, 2007 02:13

Welcome to the forum, keep up the antibiotics to reduce the infection, I'm not sure what products are available in your area, but we commonly used a pitch based product called 'Stockholm tar' possibly has a different name in other places, this protectes wounds from dirt and flies, we always sourced it from a horse supply shop. If the ciculation has been cut off for too long a period, she will lose the affected cleat, if this happens, she will adapt to walking on the one so long as that one is healthy, so the prognosis isn't too dismal, just work on the infection.
Trust this helps - Rhodie.

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